Wood Pellets in a propane smoker

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Original poster
Apr 5, 2019
New to the group (just signed up today) I was given a nice propane smoker for my 25th anniversary at work. Very new to the smoker business - so I was wondering... pro's - cons of
Chips (I would thing they burn too fast but I'm a newby)
Chunks - burns longer
Pellets ??


Thanks in advance :)
Welcome to the site, any of those will work fine but I always preferred the chunks ,chips or pellets will aso work but get the pellets that are all the flavor wood, I prefer Lumber Jack ,post up some pictures as its easy, this site hosts them so you don't need another place to store them
When I used my propane smoker I used a mix of chips and chunks. Never tried pellets. I have moved to an electric smoker and rarely if ever use the old one.
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