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  1. S

    greyish layer on meat

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I am a happy owner of a custom built offset, but I have some minor issues/questions. I'm a long time reader of this forum, but I only recently joined and started posting. I have posted another question on 'smoker builds', but wanted to ask a second one here...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    I am creating a database of regional, state, and local meat prices and I need your help.

    Recently, I posted a price comparison of meat prices from three of the suppliers I buy from - Wild Fork, Costco, and Restaurant Depot (RD). Many folks told me that they do not have access to big box stores or an RD. A fellow Smoking Meat Forum member suggested that someone create a public...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    Methods to dry-age steaks at home?

    Hi I have been wanting to try and dry-age my steaks at home but have yet to find a method that works well. The latest one I came across is from Alton Brown. He suggested using skewers through the meat and place on top of a pie pan so the meat does not sit on the pan. Then place several pieces...
  4. C

    First time dry ageing!

    Hi all! My name is Charlie, reaching out for help from down under, Australia. I am trying to dry age for my first time, i bought the DryAgingBags and a vacuum sealer but for some reason the vacuum doesn't suck 100% of the air out of the bag, there's still gaps. after trying multiple times and...
  5. B

    Need Help With my Smoker Please

    So I have the Masterbuilt Electric 135S Smoker and was wondering when I'm smoking my meat for a long time, am I suppose to let the woodchips turn into ashes and then empty them out or do I put more in and change them in a later time like 2-3 hours in?
  6. F

    Smoking fish and meat in the same smoker

    Hello all great to be here. Now the tilte might seem kind of stupid, but I am asking anyway. I am interested in a Traeger timberline 850 or 1300. I have been smoking for years but always with separate smokers, for obvious resons (fish smell, etc.) Now I don't have the space for two smokers...
  7. T

    Beginner needing advice on smoking in bad weather, any help would be appreciated!

    Hello all, So I've been interested in cooking (with a bigger interest in meat) for a while now, and I love BBQing. Today, my first smoker arrives! I have a landmann kentucky smoker arriving (I know it's not the favourite smoker amongst the pro's but it'll do for a beginner), and honestly I CAN...
  8. M

    Best Cut of Beef for Snack Sticks

    Hi all, I'm a beginner in snack stick making, and know this question has been covered in a post a couple of years back, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on the best cut of beef to use for all-beef snack sticks (no pork in them). I've read that chuck is one of the better options because of...
  9. M

    Lactic Acid & Celery Juice for Homemade Snack Sticks

    Hi, I am a beginner looking to make home made beef snacks sticks, but without artificial nitrates like pink cure. I found through my research that lactic acid (encapsulated or regular) and celery juice or celery powder work well together as a curing agent. I had some questions about this: 1...
  10. Smoked_Ryno

    Where to buy the best meat at the best price

    Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and new to this group. I had a quick question for you Dallas/North Dallas area folks. Where do you buy your brisket, ribs, chicken at? I currently just go to Kroger/Walmart when there is a sale (just bought pork ribs for 1.67 per LB.) But I wanted to know...