cure #1

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  1. K

    Salt Pork, Shelf stable, Ship rations

    I would like to prepare salt pork (and salt beef) of the style that would have been eaten on a sailing ship in the 18th century. The end result should be shelf stable at room temperature. I have found a couple of different recipes that use a wet or dry process: 1) Townsends packs the meat...
  2. Ersley

    PANIC - First Time Curing Ham

    Hello everyone, I apologize for making my first post like this, but I am posting this in a complete panic. My husband and I decided to cure and smoke a ham for Christmas. We've smoked many meats before but never cured anything. Long story short, we found a recipe online and the ham has been in...
  3. Markl

    Cure Calc Help Needed, Confused for first time bacon attempt

    Going to try my first attempt at making some bacon. I have the pork belly, Cure #1, salt, sugar. I found posts that state a good rule of thumb is: .25% Cure #1 1.5% Salt 1.0% Sugar What I don't get is the calculator on DiggingDogFarm where I cannot seem to alter the input for cure from it's...
  4. AngleAway

    First Bacon Attempt wIth BB

    Hey Guys, I’ve been reading around this forum for a while and have been inspired by all of your amazing posts and information to embark on a bacon adventure. Also helped that my local Kroger had butts on sale at 0.97/lb! Been smoking and cooking for quite some time, but am just beginning curing...
  5. M

    Correct Amount Of Cure #1?

    Hi Everyone, I've been successful in making bacon a number of times previously using dry cures that I calculate using the digging dog farm calculator. However, I wanted to experiment with some liquid in the brine to see if I could impart some additional flavors. From what I've read, when...
  6. K

    Salt and sugar percentage by weight preference

    I am planning to start curing a pork belly to make bacon this weekend. Some members have given me their recommendations on salt and sugar percentage by weight of the pork belly which I appreciate. Please can you let me know your personal preference or experience using certain ratios. I'm...
  7. K

    First time doing an equilibrium cure

    This is my first attempt at curing bacon. I followed this recipe below: Ingredients Pork Belly For the cure (dry rub): 3 oz Prague Powder #1 28 oz Kosher Salt 17 oz Brown Sugar Instructions: Using a scale weigh the ingredients accordingly and mix together kosher salt brown sugar, and Prague...
  8. chef jimmyj

    Cure #1 and Cold/Cool Smoking

    A Crash Course on why we use Cure #1 to Cold and Cool Smoke Meat... In general, any meat you wish to smoke below 225 to 180°F requires the addition of Cure #1 to your mix of 1 to 3% Salt and any other spices or sweeteners you like. This low temp smoking is typically divided, for simple, easy to...
  9. J

    My cure/brine recipe

    I've done quite some research about the perfect cure/brine. I made one three years ago and have been refining it until recently when my last batch came out perfectly. You can use this recipe for anything you want to cure. I've made eisbeins, brisket, pork chops, ham, sandwich meat and even...
  10. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  11. D

    Curing Brisket Point and Flat

    Evening all! I started curing a brisket point and flat in a ziploc with 1 gallon of water and 1oz of sure cure. I am guessing that the meat was ~13lb going in. Is this within the safe level for sodium nitrite? Thanks! Tyler Reddington
  12. L

    Venison Summer Sausage

    This is my first attempt at venison summer sausage. Got the meat, spices and cure mixed. Wrapped it in plastic stuck in the fridge. Recipe called for letting it sit for 12-24 hours. I'm using Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1. Problem is, it looks like work is going to interfere with the timing...
  13. chef jimmyj

    Cure #1 & 2 Volume to Weight per Pound of Meat Chart

    This is of value. CURE Volume to Weight Chart in Ounces and Grams for the weight of meat in Pounds...JJ NOTE: The Weight in Grams may vary, a few tenths from what others typically use and post. But this is due to the OP's, Susan Minor, rounding. The Weights are Safe and within USDA Guidelines...
  14. R

    Using cure for making Jerky.

    Well, I am new here so Hello to start off with. I have a question in regards to jerky making. I got a dehydrator recently with the intention of jerky making. I also purchased some Prague Powder cure #1 and some Potassium Sorbate. My intention is to produce jerky that can/will last a while and...
  15. fajitapot

    Fatties and Food Safety

    All this talk about fatties has inspired me to make some for the Super Bowl. But I noticed that no one seems to use Cure #1 in their recipes. Why is this?
  16. tropics

    Cured Turkey Thighs around the Vortex w/Kiawe Wood

    Brined 4 Turkey Thighs with Pop's6927 low salt cure fore 4 days Rinsed an in the fridge to dry for a few hours Set up the Weber 22.5" Kettle with the Vortex Put the Turkey Thighs an Kiawe on Checked at the 30 minute mark 120°F No more peeking total time smoked 1 hr. 15 min. Sliced you can...