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  1. thirdeye

    Fatties At Sunrise, Breakfast At Ten

    Short story short.... I smoked a couple of lo-n-slo naked fatties around 215° first thing this morning, then wrapped for an hour and made breakfast. They were buy 1 get 1, so a win-win situation.
  2. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Just got a hog processed and I needed to clear out some pork from the freezer, so I decided to make breakfast sausage. I still had some maple syrup left over from bacon making, so I used that to give it some sweetness. The seasonings laid out for 10lbs of sausage: 1 c Grade B maple syrup...
  3. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Smoked Queso Breakfast Wraps ( Queso Recipe included)

    Smoked Queso Breakfast Wraps G'Morning Y'all! A dedicated Breakfast section now?! Sign me up! I had to jump on the smoked queso bandwagon too. Yesterday, I was going to make some quick tacos and then decided I wanted to mix it up with a wrap. But first, Queso! There are a lot of...
  4. disco

    Gayle's Low Fat Sausage Gravy

    A friend had a cardiac incident and mentioned my recipes were mostly not allowed on his new diet. I really felt for him but have cooked for various restrictions and realize you can make good food that is low fat. What is something you think you might never have again on a low fat diet? Sausage...
  5. disco

    Boxty Bread

    Saint Patrick’s day is coming soon. In my last post I showed how to make Irish Sausage. Here is the post for the rest of my Irish breakfast, Boxty Bread. Boxty is an Irish potato pancake. Unlike potato pancakes I am used to, Boxty is based on mashed potatoes and is a finer pancake than grated...
  6. xray

    Avocado Toast...PA style with Scrapple

    Here’s a fun little twist on breakfast. I recently tried avocado toast and I really enjoyed it so I figured I’d experiment a little. Swapped out the toast with homemade scrapple. A very tasty breakfast! I mashed one avocado with a little bit of salt, topped the scrapple with the mashed...
  7. radioguy

    Like my new Lem

    Just a quick post. I made 15lbs breakfast sausage with the new Lem 1606. First time with sheep casings . Had some learning curve but before long it all was stuffed. I do need some more practice on the linking. Really do like the AC Legg #10 mix. RG
  8. shinny

    Simple Breakfast Fatty

    Here's a simple Fatty, 1lb Jimmy Dean Sausage 9 scrambled Eggs 1lb of bacon Season to taste and some freshly grated cheddar cheese.
  9. BoilerBBQ

    First fatty

    First fatty is on the WSM right now. We decided to go for a breakfast fatty. Potatoes O’Brien, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, green onion, and a bacon weave. I made the rookie mistake of overfilling it, so the roll isn’t the greatest, but the bacon weave did a nice job of holding everything...
  10. bdskelly

    BDSkelly ~ Breakfast Sausage Grind.

    Once we started grinding our own breakfast sausage Mrs. BD would have nothing more to do with that mushy store bought in the plastic chub sauasage. In my opinion this is one of the easiest things you can do with one of the best returns on quality of your morning vittles! I start off making...
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