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    Friday Night 1st attemp at St. Louis Spares

    I found a slab for $1.30 a pound and it's almost ready to glaze.
  2. yankeerob

    New Jersey comps?

    The Jersey State championship is in Wildwood. Google it.
  3. yankeerob

    Green Eggs

    I got both my BGE's used off Craig's List for about $300. You'll nee to outfit it with an indirect cooking kit to use it for smoking though. That will cost another $100. I'd use it for comps but the thing weighs a ton! Nonetheless, I see teams that use them every year. They are a great smoker...
  4. yankeerob

    Questions about Smoke 'n Spice

    Here are my comments: 1 – They are right. Letting grease drip on the fire will make the meat taste bitter and overs moked. 2 - That book is outdated. If you run your smoker at that temp the whole time your meat will dry out. Most competition teams run at 250 for butts/brisket and 275 for ribs...
  5. yankeerob

    another KCBS rules question

    Anything butt is anything except the 4 comp meats (chicken, PORK ribs, pork shoulder or brisket) Usually there's rules posted specific for this and most of them are about garnishing. I've seen pig's cheek, lobster, sword fish, beef ribs, chocolate cake, lamb, fried meat or fruit pies...
  6. yankeerob

    The "How-to" for making an Arduino controlled smoker

    Bob, What's the total cost on this project hardware wise including probes, blowers, project box, etc... I know someone into Aurdinos who is attempting to do this himself. -rob
  7. yankeerob

    BBQ Pitmasters

    I Tivo'd these and have them archived on my computer. I hope to burn them on a single DVD but it might require 2 disks. If anyone wants one it's just $6 for materials and shipping. Email me at rob DOT mongeon AT gmail DOT com. -rob
  8. yankeerob

    Injecting a Pork Butt

    Here's our recipe we use at home: 1)Use a strainer and dump 1 packet of Lipton soup mix into it. Discard the noodles and keep the soup "rub" 2) 1/4 cup Karo Corn Syrup 3) 1 tablespoon of prok rub 4) Top this off with 2 cups of White Grape Juice In the comps we use a product called FAB (as...
  9. yankeerob


    The show is edited for drama. That's why they chose the most competitive of the bunch. An example of this is in the last show "Big Pig Jig": Tuffy: "I've never cooked a pig that was bigger than me" Myron: "He's probably smarter too" I think Myron got a brisket from Tuffy in that on as well...
  10. yankeerob

    So WHO is the King of comp BBQIng ie smoking

    I think Paul Kirk or Chris Lilly (Big Bob Gibson) has the most wins though I'm not sure. Paul's technique is a little outdated and I think he's retired from cooking and just a judge and KCBS board member now. http://www.homeofbbq.com/2009/03/int...ris-lilly.html We had our best year last year...
  11. yankeerob

    Smoker Recommendation Needed

    Stumps, Superior Smokers, Spicewine or BWS all cost $$$. I was able to find a used Stumps for $700 but by the time I contacted the seller someone nabbed it. It sold in 1 day. For $300 and a small footprint I'd go with the 22inch WSM or even a Pro-Q with extra insert: I've got a 18 inch WSM...
  12. yankeerob

    Opinion on Pitmasters?

    I agree to some extent with BBALLY. Believe me, I know from experience that when FoodTV (HighNoon) is producing a show they do their homework. You have to fill out a questionnaire and they'll home in on key aspects of the answers you submitted. (I've been on twice though not for BBQ). Their...
  13. yankeerob

    BBQ Pitmasters DVD available

    For those of you who don't have a Tivo/DVR and missed any of the first 3 episodes ~ I'm compiling a DVD of: Pitmaster's: Myrphysboro Pitmaster's: Decatur Pitmaster's: American Royal and a BONUS of Bobby Flay's Pulled pork challenge against Lee-Ann of Wood Chicks. All I ask is cost of materials...
  14. yankeerob

    KCBS contest this weekend 10/25 - 26 Long Island, NY

    Battle of the BBQ Brethren in Sayville, NY as part of the Sayville Fall Fest. Team Green Mountain Smokeshack will be there. Stop on by and say hello if you are in the metro area. http://www.bbqbattleli.com/ -rob
  15. yankeerob

    Maine State BBQ contest Aug 4-9, Eliot ME

    Yes, we'll be vending Saturday and competing on Sunday. After the vending is done Saturday (around 5pm) I will begin meat trimming and injecting the brisket and pork. The meat will eventually be going on at 10 or 11pm or so. -rob
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