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    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    Well competition was fierce.  I placed first in a field of two.  The other team was reheating baby backs slathered in sauce on a gas grill, and their pulled pork was made in a crock pot. It was fun, and i got lots of compliments on my q. Hopefully we'll do it again next year, and we'll have more...
  2. wesb

    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    Any takers?? This would be a great opportunity for guys and gals who have thought about competing, but have hesitations. This will be a lot of fun if we can get enough folks involved.
  3. wesb

    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    i forgot to mention free breakfast will be provided for the cooks!
  4. wesb

    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    i'll be taking my uds, i may even have to whip up another one between now and then to have some more cooking space. I'd be up for a team mate or two if anyone's interested. 
  5. wesb

    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    Just bring your smoker and some meat! We'll be doing brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, and beans. Free to compete, and there will be a cash pool put together by the shop owners on site for the winners!  This well be a very relaxed atmosphere, geared more towards amateur contestants. ...
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  7. wesb

    The Horror, Baby Backs in the Oven

    A few years back i did seven briskets and fourteen chickens for my sister in laws wedding. Her grandpa who loves good que, wouldnt touch the brisket cause "it didnt look done, it was still pink on the outside". He ate chicken while everyone else had delicious "cut with a fork tender" brisket. i...
  8. wesb

    UDS maiden voyage.....so many questions

    here's what i do, i place a coffee can with the bottom cut out, in the center of the fire basket, place unlit lump and wood around that, and shake it around every so often to settle it in. if its too loose it seems to go through the fuel quicker and more unevenly. then get about a third of...
  9. wesb

    Help is it safe

     below 140 for ANY length of time?? Is that bite of pork at 140 degrees when it goes in your mouth?? some like it hot i guess, but i thought the rule was below 140 for four hours. might have to check the USDA website to be sure. this 40 140 "danger zone" talk wears me out. some say two hours...
  10. wesb

    getting half beef next month looking for suggestions

    i would love to have everybody out, but parking may be an issue. Maybe a certain admin could open up his yard for parking and we could shuttle folks back and forth....
  11. wesb

    getting half beef next month looking for suggestions

    Shooter rick- its an angus, raised on an amish beef farm, so dont know if there's anything special about their cattle raising process, but i bet it turns out good.  Some friends have had them before, so i'm taking there word for it. Yeah 800-900 lbs is smallish, so im guessing they're butchered...
  12. wesb

    getting half beef next month looking for suggestions

    so im getting half a beef, weight on the hoof will be around 800-900lbs. im looking for any suggestions as to anything special i should ask for, like some good "smokable" cuts. dont know if its going to have much of a brisket, i'll just have to ask once the butcher has him. Any suggestions for...
  13. wesb

    Suckling Pig +Boy & Girl Scouts = Great weekend

    looks awsome, i've been wanting to do one on my uds ever since i saw your 21 pounder. how many can you feed from a 20 pound or so piggy? my 30th birthday is coming up and i think it would be great to do something like this.
  14. wesb

    Spatchcock question

    four hours fifteen minutes, looks delicious.  i could have slept in a bit but at least its done!
  15. wesb

    Spatchcock question

    whoa i'm overwhelmed with responses!!
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