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    Sticky Flanken Pork Ribs

    Love a great rack of ribs, don't always have the time to cook them. Recently found a fix... Came across a discounted package of pork ribs labeled as riblets. Had a simple recipe on the label. Curious, I took a chance!! Recipe was for a quick sweet rub mixed with liquid and smothered on the...
  2. twanger1994

    what a deal!!! NOW WHAT

    Hello smokers,  Been a while since I've been on. We recently moved from NJ to North Carolina. We are going to be opening a brewery in south-eastern NC in the near future. The move went well and now that we are pretty much settled in. I'm ready to smoke something... So last week I was at work...
  3. twanger1994

    foiling ribs

    When foiling Spares do ya'll foil each rack individual or the mess of em???   thnx
  4. twanger1994

    Controlling heat in side firebox

    Hey guys Happy Memorial Day All!!! Quick question:  Seems like every smoke i do i am constantly fighting the temp gauge... "Mav. et 73" I know that all smokers are different and each has its own personality... I'm a little confused on the chimney and air damper, and how opening or closing them...
  5. twanger1994

    Today starts the

    cant wait to see the spread
  6. twanger1994

    Memorial Day

      Have a great Memorial Day Weekend all!!!!!
  7. twanger1994

    Welded Metal Frame

    Hello, Happy Memorial Day!!  "weekend" Got a question about a metal frame I will be building. The frame will hold a Gas BBQ and also burners for my Home-brew kettles... It is portable and needs to be strong due to the weight that will be placed on it.  ie... the grill, 2-15gallon converted...
  8. twanger1994

    Be Careful Out There

    We shot an empty one once.. What a big ball of fire... Obviously in a remote location and with a very long range rifle... Life is too short
  9. twanger1994

    School me please!!

    The maverick  is where its at!!!  Plus its wireless. Works great on the overnight smoke when ya gotta close you for a few!!
  10. twanger1994

    Today starts the

    Getting ready to prep some Spare ribs myself
  11. twanger1994

    Brisket at the stroke of midnight!

    Looks great man. Getting ready to prep some ribs myself for the holiday... Look for the Qview!!! What time did ya finish up the brisket? 
  12. twanger1994

    looking for a post!!

    Maybe thats another one, but I just found what I originally saw. I remember seeing it a saying it would be nice to let that drip over the fresh ham I was cooking. The big easy has a rack I can put at the top of the basket so it will drip over a ham...that's a bonus the way I see it...  thanks...
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