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    Do you do anything fun with your BBQ the day after?

    I've done soup with leftover smoked turkey, carnitas tacos with pulled pork and my favorite was mac and cheese with burnt ends! I also like to freeze the meats plain so I have something to pull out in case of last minute company!
  2. Suam461

    Grilled lemonade

    This sounds delicious!
  3. Suam461

    8 Year Old Smokes Again - Chicken Legs

    That's so awesome and they look delicious. Some of my best memories are grilling with my dad, you gotta start them young!
  4. Suam461

    Pellet Smoking With Some Rain

    I run charcoal, but it's been okay in a very light rain. I steal my husband's pop up tent for when it calls for more than a little. It's held out for a few decent storms so far. Plus it makes it smell delicious!
  5. Suam461

    Smoked pizza

    Oh yum! I love grilling pizza, I'll have to try smoking one now!
  6. Suam461

    Adventures in vegan BBQ

    I'm not a vegan, but I had the opportunity to try some pulled jackfruit at Blue Pit Bbq outside of Baltimore and I could not get it off my mind since! There are a million recipes for turning this fruit into tacos and barbeque, but I couldn't find anyone who had smoked it! So armed with very...
  7. Suam461

    Pulled Pork

    That’s a beautiful bark! Looks great!
  8. Suam461

    4th ribs! (And a festive dessert)

    I was really happy with the simple ribs, will definitely do them again. The middle of the burger cupcakes were brownies! I’ve made the sweet potato gratin in the oven before, but I think the smoke gave it a nice extra layer of flavor for sure. The potatoes were sliced thin so they cooked up...
  9. Suam461

    4th ribs! (And a festive dessert)

    Thanks for the inspiration and guidance!
  10. Suam461

    4th ribs! (And a festive dessert)

    Thanks guys! It went against all my instincts not to rub these down, but it turned out good! Next time I'll probably do a simple salt pepper garlic and onion just to add a little, but it really didn't need much! Cakes are my day job, so I don't make them too often at home, but these were...
  11. Suam461

    Pork Butt, HELP

    I'm no expert by far, but in my experience pork butt/shoulder is such a fatty piece of meat that it's very difficult to dry it out. If you wrap it in foil partway through the cook it will hold even more moisture. Also don't skip the rest period! I usually wrap it in extra foil and let it rest...
  12. Suam461

    Chesapeake Crab Cakes with Cajun Ramoulade (follow up to prior post)

    Yum, they look great! Can't go wrong with a great crab cake!
  13. Suam461

    4th ribs! (And a festive dessert)

    Made a nice rack of baby back ribs for the fourth! Last time I did them I did the 3-2-1 method which worked well, but this time I thought I'd try something a little less hands on! I followed this recipe for naked ribs (thanks Al!!)...
  14. Suam461

    I did a brisket!

    Originally from about 15 minutes East of the city-Monroeville area. We’ve been in VA for the last few years, but I get back frequently! You should definitely try one! I would have waited forever, guess I just needed a push.
  15. Suam461

    My first fattie

    Yum! Looks great.
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