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    Which safety limit rollout switch for my MES 40?

    Hi, I like the KDS 301 style normally closed switch. I don't like the 150c temp. That is only a bit over 300f. My smoker would occasionally spike to that point before my PID was install;ed. I would look for a temp from 175c to 190. Remember the safety switch is for catastrophic purposes...
  2. jted

    Adding Probes?

    Hi. I did not like shoving probs down the exhaust or closing the door on them so. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/themometer-probe.285050/#post-1935587
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    Thanks guys. Jted
  4. jted


    I have been jonesing ribs for several months. This was the best day of the year. I started with a split snake. Lit them with 6 coals on either side. These were naked ribs. No foil at all except to cover the cookie tray.After 4 1/2 hours at about 250 I brushed parkay and some left over sauce...
  5. jted

    Smoker temp test

    Rather than cutting a hole in the box this is what I dixd. It is a 12 v computer fan powered by a variable voltage controller.
  6. jted

    Did I make a good purchase electric smoker??

    Lots of White or bad smoke is not what most people want. It is also called dirty smoke. It will give your meat a strong creosote taste. That being said not every one has the same taste profile.The AMNPS is probably the most popular mod. Owners of the tray know you can light both ends if that is...
  7. jted

    Did I make a good purchase electric smoker??

    Hi, I just wanted to comment on smoke. This is not to be critical of your post about smoke. When it comes to smoke less is more. By that I mean you don't want clouds of smoke. Chips give you that. You will hear the term TBS (thin blue smoke)The AMPS will give you that. 10 to 13 hours is the...
  8. jted

    Themometer probe ?

    Hi, I have a MES 30. Over the years I have ran the probe wires through the top vent as well as the door. In my opinion It does not matter. What matters is where you put them once inside the heat chamber. Last spring I put some probe ports in the side of the box. This was done with 1/2 inch...
  9. jted

    Moving to electric (new here)

    Welcome to the forum! We are glad you found us. Lots of knowledge to be found here. I would like to add one thing about electric smokers including the Masterbuilt line. They all fluctuate cabinet temps. It will be 20 degrees over or under till the cabinet get's real hot this may take up to...
  10. jted

    MES temperature range question

    Hi, You will learn your smoker in time. As you have found out the temp range is rather open 20 degrees either side of the set point in not uncommon. There are 2 schools in smoking. Low and slow and hot and fast. In my experience smoking at a moderate 240 to 250 temp, will give you a very tasty...
  11. jted

    Masterbuilt MES 130B - A-MAZE-N

    Hi, The River Rat damper is easy to make and use. It will give you total control over the air intake of your smoker. Just do a site search. Jted
  12. jted

    Masterbuilt element

    Hi, DR. For fun I just watched the above U Tube Video . At the very end he has a shot of the back off. Take a look at it. Jted
  13. jted

    New smoker MES 2.5 - Pulled Pork not so juicy

    Mike, Good job. jted
  14. jted

    New smoker MES 2.5 - Pulled Pork not so juicy

    Mike' Here is a great picture of Blue smoke in this case it is not thin but it is blue With your MES it should be visible but not too thick coming out of your of your wide open vent. This picture has been floating around the forum for many years.
  15. jted

    New smoker MES 2.5 - Pulled Pork not so juicy

    Hi Mike, You did not do everything wrong. Chef Jimmy knows what he is doing. You won't go wrong following his suggestions. Here are a couple of things I would point out. Some people will not like the fact that you cut your butt in half. I often do the same thing since there is only 2 of us left...
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