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  1. hosstd

    brine stuff pork loin

    i stuff with feta cheesr,sausage,brown sugar,mustard,honey,some rub,garlic
  2. hosstd

    brine stuff pork loin

    all rub getting ready to smoke the finish very good
  3. hosstd

    my first packer

    yes its a packer a small one 6 1/2 pds, the coffee rub was 1/8 cup of cinnaiamon sugar ,which u buy already mix,1/8 cup brown sugar,3 tlbs maxwell house,1 tlbs spoon of old bay, 1 tlbs of colesman dry muataed,that was the base, i used a few more things,but i guess u can use what u like,i liked  it
  4. hosstd

    my first packer

    decided to try a whole brisket,so got me a small packer to smoke ,rub down  with my coffee rub ready for the smoke hollow  
  5. hosstd


    what does coffee add to a rub ?,sweet,bitter,ect?
  6. hosstd

    smoke hollow operation

    gutiarcook i have the same smoker that u have, and same problem with the regulator,until i caled,they sent me a lower regulator,work good for low temps,but last week it stop working, thought i was out of fuel,so i put the one that came with it,i just have to set it in between high and off to get...
  7. hosstd


    and thanks  p 4 b
  8. hosstd


    looks gooood tom
  9. hosstd


    thank u guys that makes  cents cause the the flat will have fat on it unlike when u buy the flat alone ,why i see it
  10. hosstd


    remove the point before smoking or after
  11. hosstd

    Prayers for the Miners in W. Va.

    wolf have u ever work for maessy,before note the spelling
  12. hosstd

    let us pray for the miners

    thats what i do work in the coal feilds building stacting tubes and water tanks have work at montcoal know massey very well did alot of work for them,and put put tanks up at the site,if any family on here i send my prayers
  13. hosstd

    smoke flavor

    does smoke flavor(the chemicals)stick to dry meat surface better or a moist surface better, i dont know if stick is the right word here,but i think u no what i mean,does water in water pan help with smoke flavor
  14. hosstd

    Where are you from Poll

    where u trying to get back to what part
  15. hosstd

    What's your occupation?

    build water tanks across us
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