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  1. big casino

    Snack stick recipe.

    I leave the mustard seed whole, but you could crush them if you want to, I just like the look of  those little yellow seeds in my sausage...LOL I have heard of guys toasting them too but I have yet to do that... probably the next batch I make
  2. big casino

    Snack stick recipe.

    Yes I have used pork mixed with, I also used 100% pork, I prefer beef with my sticks as they seem less greasy, probably just in my head but hey thats why we learn to make our own...
  3. big casino

    First Try with Roller's Amish White Sandwich Bread

    I use a space heater and that usually works out well I was thinking the same thing Dave!
  4. big casino

    Resturant Depot

    Normally they ask for your membership card at the check out, but who knows maybe they would have forgotten or a qucik reply of oops I forogt it today would have let you slip through
  5. big casino

    Beef Sticks with Home Made Stuffing Tubes....

    unfortunately I knew what this is, I used to get yelled at repeatedly for playing with it
  6. big casino


    Hey JD, look for  threads searching  "buck board Bacon" some guys here make it all the time, I personally havent, that lil slicer gets around! Thanks SB yeah 2 or 3 lbs for one sitting would be expensive!
  7. big casino

    Guess I will be Selling my Smoker now....

    finally now I can quit doing all this hard work!
  8. big casino

    sausage sticking to fibrous casings

    there are different types of fiberous casings some have a protein lining meant for making dried sausages, I have also heard that if the casings are older they stick more than newer casings do, but I never had older casings around and have had this problem
  9. big casino

    Beef Sticks with Home Made Stuffing Tubes....

    Looks Good Dave! I made two batches of sticks one with 80/20 in the plastic tube from the local grocery store, wally world I think, and then the other batch with some ground beef from my butcher which is local grown beef, at the end of the day you could not tell the difference which was which...
  10. big casino

    Fat Ratio.... This could get interesting

    well lets look at the 3lbs of 73/27 beef  mixed with 3lbs of venison would cut you down to around 13% fat then add another 1/3 lean meat to that would cut you down to about 8-10% fat ratio
  11. big casino

    WTF is this!!??

    I ran across these things the other day too, like roller said I thought they could be useful
  12. big casino

    German sausage roll

    I never heard those names b4, Thanks Martin, now if I can just remember them LOL
  13. big casino

    Some ham guidance

    couldnt tell you sorry, I'd imagine it would be about the same as a porkbutt
  14. big casino

    German sausage roll

    here this one looks pretty good this is a popular dish here around the "Burgh" we have a lot of Polish and Germans around here, and trust me everyone just makes these with rarely an actual  recipe, we just kind of  "make"  them.  around here we pronounce them as "halupki" but are also...
  15. big casino

    Sweet a$$ knife sharpner

    I think that is the one I have and yes it is awesome
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