When I am finished smoking, and everything is done I build my fire up again and get my temp up around 300. I leave it for a while to heat up. Then I get the water hose with my sprayer, open the lid and spray the grates and everything inside. This gets rid of the stuck-on meat, sauce and everything stuck to the racks. It also helps with the grease build up. After I have sprayed it out real good I just let it continue to burn and heat back up and give it a good wire brushing. The next day or so after the coals have cooled I clean out the fire box. The next time I get ready to smoke, while I am lighting my Coal's I take my Weed burner torch and go over the racks and inside the smoker. Helps heat it up and makes sure if anything was missed it's clean before I put on the meat. I have had a few people tell me that they never clean their smokers. Don't think I want to eat anything they cook. Lucky they have not had a fire in the smoker. This works for me, but if anyone has a different or better way I would appreciate the feedback.

Gary S.