I have posted several Pictures and comments on smokers ans smoking. But I would like to talk about Grills. Propane Grills.

 I started out probably like most on a charcoal grill than Gas. I cook out an average of 4 to 5 days a week 52 weeks a year. My early gas grills would need rebuilding once or twice a year, due to heavy use. I tried several makes and models but non ever held up. I am talking about the burners, grate & rack. In 2000 I started looking at spending more for something that would last without having to be rebuilt every year. There were a few stainless grills on the market then, but the burners and grates were about the same as the others. I finally found what I had been looking for. It was all Stainless with the exception of Two cast iron burners and one large cast iron burner on the side for cooking fish, shrimp or what ever. And it came with a lifetime replacement warranty . They were made in Fort Worth, TX. That was good because I live in Tyler, TX. They are not cheap but well worth the price. The company is in Tulsa OK. now but are still making I think the best grill on the market. I called about 4 years ago for some replacement burners. They said that they were very sorry about the burners needing replacing the the burners they were using now were much better. They sent me all new burners along with new control knobs even paid for the shipping WOW. They are great people who stand behind their product and best of all made in the USA. Like I said I am a heavy user and this is the 12th year on this grill. If you are looking for something that last and is ALL STAINLESS STEEL (except for the Burners) This is it. The grill is a COASTAL and in TULSA, OK.

Just my two cents worth