You may ask what is brining. Brining is a way of adding moisture and flavor to poultry somewhat like a marinade. Brining is achieved by adding salt, water or other liquids and flavorings in a 40* environment for a period of time. Basic salts are kosher, sea alt and table salt "non-iodized". The amount of kosher salt is one cup to one gallon of water, if using table salt cut the amount of salt by half as the smaller crystals weigh more per pound than kosher. Other liquids that can be mixed with water are stock, beer, wine, tea and fruit juices. Other flavors can be herbs and spices, brown sugar, mollases, honey, soy sauce etc. Option of where to brine can be in a food grade bucket in the fridge or a cooler that can hold 40* or less. Brining times are whole chicken 4-12 hours, chicken pieces 1-1 1/2 hours, whole turkey 1-2 days, turkey breasts 5-8 hours and cornish game hens 1-2 hours.