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Pork Crown Roast 1st Attempt

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Picking up a crown roast this afternoon and planning on smoking tomorrow morning bright and early.

My question is in the prep...should I?

1. Brine
2. Or Rub
3. Both?

I'm using a ECB, new style with revised fire pit. Slightly modified with additional vents and a greenegg dual thermometer.
Thanks guys.

Any suggestions are welcome. We are having folks over and I want it to come out great..
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I would just coat it with yellow mustard and then cover with your rub...

If you are going to pull it take it to 200º if not 165º should suffice...
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I won't be pullng it, I'll be slicing and serving..
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what he said.
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First off you don't brine beef brining is for poulty. I would either pour some mustard or I use olive oil some good stuff and then rub it and wrap it in saran wrap then into the frig for the night. Then just throw it in your smoker and I would take it to 165-175 or so and enjoy thats in one heck of a cut of meat.
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About to post some pre-Q pics icon_mrgreen.gif
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[Pre] Q-View!
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Brining Pork is a great way to help it out. Now that pork is not as fat as it used to be!
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That crown roast should be good. Being pork I would not go over 150' 150' or you risk drying it out. Brining also will work. I would also use a simple rub of CBP, Garlic, mabe a dash of salt.

Good luck!
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Put this roast on a bit ago.. having a hard time keeping the temps at ~225. Is it possible to have too much ventilation on the ECB causing the temps to go upwards of 275?
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I used a light coating of yellow mustard and then rubbed in my home-made rub. (garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, dash of cayenne, black pepper, salt and paprika) wrapped it up in saran wrap and fridged it overnight. Pulled it out this morning and let it warm up a bit and put it on about 9:15. Been working to keep the temps down and steady in my ECB.
Will try and keep the post updated as the day progresses.
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good luck and I'll be watching
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