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First Jalapenos for this year

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Well the jalapenos I planted are coming along. Peppers already on the plant. I planted 10 of these jalapeno plants. Tomatoes in the background are doing well also. Plenty of ABT's coming soon.

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Real nice peppers there. Never heard of Giant Jalapenos, but I like it!~...are they just as hot? Your plant looks great, have another 3 weeks before we can put ours in.
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Congrats on your first ones, hopefully you will have more than you can handle they grow so well. Had to look and see where you were from since you already have them planted and established.
What kind of tomatoes are you growing in the background?
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congrats on the peppers... we are just losing the last of our snow here..lol
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dang nice peppers its snowing here today and tommorrow night low of 19° so no fresh penos fer a while
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Thanks everyone. Tomato plants are Big Boys. Still have 2 other rows I have to plant.
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I've got one plant saved from last year in a pot im getting a few chiles off of but the rest wait till may to go in the ground. while not freezing... we get cold snaps up till mothers day that stunt growth. been burned the past three years. no worries, have a couple cases put up in mason jars.

this year will likely be half a dozen each of jalepenos, sweet bananas, yummys, poblanos, and single tobasco, habenero, and ??? as space allows.

for those never tried yummy peppers.. wow, in the bell family but much sweeter, no heat, literally will find yourself standing by bush eating them like apples.
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Nice...those are gonna be great.
Mine still in the greenhouse....still too cold here ta plant em.
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Thanks. Bayou how do you can them? Have a recipe? I usually do a bunch of ABT's and pass out to friends. I also freeze a lot. Need to start canning. Would like to find a tested and true pickled jalapeno recipe. Thanks grothe.
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Cajunsmoke13-I think you are slightly ahead of me.This is one of my 18-I grow 12 for chipotles and 6 for stuffers and for canning.I grow the monsters Goliath and Grande-they are HOT-listed 10-50% hotter then normal but heat mellows when RED for chipotles

Some of my other 110 peppers and 72 tomatoes in waiting

This habanero taken out of garden in Nov. and root pruned and cut back stem.Giving this to sister in may.
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Heck of a nice setup there ALX. Would like to have something like that at my house. Can't wait to see the results.
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Its the sunporch of house where my garden is..House isnt lived in but makes excellent storage for garden-my wood for smoking etc..I plan on posting photos all summer and hope you do sameicon_wink.gif
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Cajun - your jap plants are coming along nicely, they look really healthy and green. I tried to grow some plants down here and they got taken by the bugs icon_evil.gif. Glad to see what a jap plant is supposed to look like! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Laurel. Lost a few already. Sorry yours didn't make it. Finally a good year for me. Ground gets better each year
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Bummer - was it due to bugs, cold, etc? At least these beauties on on their way to being a tasty abt morsel. icon_wink.gif
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Bugs and the crazy amount of rain after I planted them. Yes, many ABT's w/ q-view coming soon.
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Great lookin peppers! Cant wait till the weather finally warms up enough here so I can get my garden in.
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Little update. Most plants have peppers. ABT's not far away.

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Second batch picked today. Some picked a little early. Like smaller japs for my pepper holder.

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Getting some nice harvests

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