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And there off!

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Well, This is my second time for butt. Achieved 225 and added two 9.8#ers to the smoker at 5:00 am. I forgot to rumage around last night for the camera. I do have a couple of camera pics which tend to bo washed out. I am NOT going to wake the wife up looking for the camera, as it will be my butt that is smoking. I will try to document as best I can which I have not done before. You will probably get tired of updates.

Last night I injected butts with a homemade cajun style butter injection:
Chicken broth, butter, white pepper, cayanne, canjun rub.

Then rubbed: Brown sugar, parsley, basil, oregano, salt, black pepper, allspice, cinnimon, onion, paprika, garlic.

Wrapped in plastic and refrigerated.
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It's been 2 hours now and internal temps are right around 86 degrees. I am tempted to open for a peak but I want to wait until meat hits 100. I will be spraying with apple juice and Meyer's dark rum (3:1), which have been infused with cinnamon, and clove, if I was to spice a rum that is what I would use.

I heard the wife stirring, so I might take the shot at getting the camera. Then again I might want to wait just a little longer.
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rum, what a good idea

I'll have to try that! I use apple juice a lot but have not added rum. I have a huge butt portion ham that I'm thinking about putting in the smoker today instead of the oven, the rum/apple juice combo would be perfect on that...
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Good luck on getting the camera without injurybiggrin.gif.

Keep us posted.

Meyers or Cap Morgan. They literally have dozens of flavored rums out there.
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First milestone reached about 45 minutes ago, 100 degree internal, so I tried to sneak the camera, bad move cost me a breakfast in bed. Good in that I have the camera and picture is much better.

Picture is before I sprayed with apple rum.

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Looking good.

Are you planning on foiling at a certain temp?
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I think this is the TBS you look for isn't it? I usually get some ugly smoke, so please tell me this is what to look for. I hope this works.

Answer to foil, is yes at 160 degrees, until done at 200.
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Good vid, that is exactly what I look for in TBS!!! Keep us posted on the progress.
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That there be what yer lookin fer! Them vittles is lookin good too!
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I do believe the TBS is good! Nice looking butts!!!biggrin.gif
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Okay, 5 hrs into it and the internal temps are at 120. Wind has picked up as storms move off to east.

Smoked Butts are a beautiful thing.

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Officially its a pork butt marathon. 9 hours in the wind is killing me, and the internal temps are 148. I'm hanging in there though. Here is a view just after a spritz.

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Hang in there TMW, you got it lookin mighty good....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Its looking great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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First post at 2;47 am ? Holy cr*p !
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Those butts look great! Thanks for all the updates, I'm anxiously awaiting the next qvues, especially of them pulled and on a plate PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif. All of it looks great so far, nice work!
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OK, 12 - 1/2 hours later, 1 is at 161 the other at 158. I foiled both and now its a waiting game. 200 here we come. It might be midnight but Im a coming. I think everything is looking good. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 6 years, but I took a shot of the apple/rum, now I know why I dont drink!

Final picture before foil. Next will be finished product, and I'm sorry for being so long, I wont do it again. I just thought it would be neat for a rookie to see the whole process.

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Don't worry about your thread's being too long. The beauty of having a forum is to share how things are done, and if you learn visually (like myself) the qvue makes the smoke look less intimidating, and causes drool and mad rushes to the grocery store for a cut of what you've smoked! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Everything looks good so far. Keep the temps steady and ride out the wait. It'll definitely be worth it biggrin.gif
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It looks great nice bark. Once the plateau is over it moves alot faster. Are you using a finishing sauce?
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Temps are looking good. Yes I will be using SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. I used it once before and it took the Q over the top.

I will try to find smaller butts next time.
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