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I have not forgotten my friends at SMF, illness has kept me away!

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Dear SMF Friends,


Just wanted you all to know that I have not died or forgot about all the wonderful people that I have met here at SMF.  Due to problems with my liver (not cirrhosis) and my kidneys I have been under the strict care of doctors and nurses here in my home.  By the time you spend the day with them punching, poking and prodding with blood test, fluids, and about anything else you can think of.  I have just now gotten my strength back enough to do a few things and one of the most important things to me was touching base with all of my SMF Friends.  I am pretty well back to normal now with only a few extra meds to take but it is still something that robs my strength very easily so if I go out and water the tomatoes and flowers I am finished for the day.  Hope you all are doing OK, I will try to touch base with each of you as I can or maybe on chat.  Take care and let me know if I can be of any help to any of you in any way.


Sincerely yours,

Barry Scott Ratliff, Member SMF  biggrin.gif


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Get well soon we will wait for you

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Very good news. Glad all is O.K. and you are back to a somewhat normal routine.

We're waitin' for some q-views now........popcorn.gif

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Hope get fealing better.  My dad had liver problems so I understand pretty well what you are going through.  Good luck and get well

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Stick with it Barry..we been missin ya!!



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Glad to see you back up and making progress

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Barry sorry to hear about the recent health problems but glad to hear your getting better. Hope to see you back in chat soon

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Glad to see you back. 

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Get well soon!

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Stay strong Barry...sounds like things are getting better...hope to see you back smoking things real soon....Len

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Glad your on the road back!!


I was wondering where you went !!


Hang in there Buddy!!!



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Get well soon phone post?
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Hey Barry , I was just wondering about ya the other day, glad you're back on the mend and I hope all gets better fast for ya.


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Get Well Soon and Welcome Back tho the Asylum...

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Thanks friends, I feel better just reading your post!  I get tired pretty fast but smoking meat is a now a big hard task.  Once you get the meat in the smoker you don't have to do much but wait so I hope to do my first pulled pork butt since I have been sick next week some time.  Again thanks for all the well wishes, I have missed you all and will be back on here real soon!


Your SMF Friend,

Barry   biggrin.gif

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