You know the red ones are best

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Looks nice,I need to get a fast read but will be going a slightly cheaper route with lava tools.
Ed Good luck with it I have the cheaper one and it makes things easier

Hate to break it to you Ed but the Blue is the best and fastest one. :biggrin:
Hate to break it to you Ed but the Blue is the best and fastest one.
 Everybody knows that! Why you think the Red ones are on sale all the time? They got to move them...
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Hey B-one, Ain't nothing wrong with keeping a few extra 

dollars in your pocket.

Buy another package of steaks with the bread.


Hi Al, I hope it lives up to expectations.


 Hi Md, it sure does make things easier.


Thanks Richie, Yeah it do make things a lot better.


Hey Gary, I hope that snow went away and left you be for awhile.

I already like it very much.


Hi Bmudd and Chef JJ, No guys I'm sorry I covered it up, but right underneath

where the therm is it says the red ones are the best.   


Hi JD, I'm finding the same thing, Mrs gear often grabs it, she likes it too.


Hi Mike, the only thing that could make that steak look better

would be to have that therm be red.     


I want to thank everyone who took their time to look.

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I bought a Thermopen in pink for my 87 year old mom, who loves the ease of use and the size of the display.

She would kill me if she knew what it cost!  I got it through one of their open box sales, but still...

I have one in blue and I love it.
You must have been cooking some pretty good stuff, to win it.

C'mon WT, use it,  what could go wrong?  

Your missus will steal it anyway
Hey gregor, I heard that the pink one they sold you

For your Mom, was the only one they had as good as the red ones.

They are a good tool aren't they?

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