You buggers......

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jord hawkins

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May 5, 2007
Bowmanville, ON of yesterday I was interested in getting a smoker for at my house and thought "meh, my birthday's in a month and a half...I've got lots of time to decide"....well....decision made!

You folks and all your meat "porn".....DAMN YOU!!!!!

Looks like I'll be making a trip to Crappy Tire tomorrow so I can divulge myself of some hard-earned Mastercard and become completely obsessed with smoked food.....and I'd only just come to terms with the amount of time I spend in front of the grill....

The only thing that might save me is that my wife is pregnant so if I can get her onto a smoked meat kick I may be able to smoke to my heart's content...which is going to be quite a bit to try out everything that's running around in my head. Lucky for me I bought a 1/4 cow last fall so I've got lots of meat to experiment if I could only locate a hog farmer around Bowmanville Ontario.

If anyone knows the area I'd greatly appreciate a name.


your only 11 miles from Oshawa i believe

as for hog farmers no idea but you have some good butchers there

Buckingham Meat Market on buckingham

Halenda's Meats - google to closest one to you

lots of options where you are
You've got it right and thanks for the infor. There are lots of butcher shops around here, which I'm sure I'll get to know very well in the short term, but I'm actually looking for a hog farmer as I've come to realize that buying meat in bulk is a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a butcher shop or market. Don't know how or why it's taken me 30 years to figure it out but I got there eventually. I work with a guy that has a beef hobby farm so if I can find both a hog farmer and a chicken farmer I'm pretty much set.

....well that and much larger freezer....
You're in luck..... the Centrino Electric Smoker is on sale this week for $199. Or if your Walmart still carries the GOSM 36", it's $190.
I was in Walmart ( Woodstock, Ontario) this past week. They use to have the smaller GOSM ... now nothing.
Canadian version of Walmart can't order from the states, and the American version of Walmart won't ship to Canada ... we're screwed!
Well as of 12"15 I am now the pride-filled owner of a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker! Gotta love Crappy Tire...$199.99! My birthday came early this year. My present to myself will likely be a shoulder or picnic roast on my birthday...that gives me 'til June 26 to get my act together and figure all of this out.

I picked up a couple of small racks of St. Louis cut pork ribs that were on special at the market and some sausage meat to roll my first fatty.
I plan on putting match to to socket on Tuesday while I'm ripping out a bunch of sod in my backyard. I'm going 3-2-1 method though they are quite small so I don't know if it'll be 3-2-1 or some permutation there of. I'm still new to smoking so I didn't want to spend the big bucks on my first project.
I think I'm going to go with something mild like applewood or another fruit wood.
Yes Sir the same smoker ...same price for my b-day....happy birthday Canada ,works great you 'll luv it
Welcome to the dark side. There is no turning back. You have no idea of the power of the smoking force.
Your plans for the first smoke sound good! With all that room in the cooker, you could do a meatloaf at the same time. You'll thank me for the idea later when the ribs are all gone and you have a couple of meatloaf sammies during the week!

Kinda like these two....

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