Yesterday Bacon, Today with a 20" impending snow storm on its way I am doing 2 Butts

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Feb 4, 2009
Hennepin, Illinois
rubbed these butts down last night and put them in the smoker this moring

plan on doing them up, pulling them and packaging for later use

big storm coming and Im off today so what the heck, might as well smoke!

also goning to slice the bacon I smoked yesterday

todays butts

yesterdays bacon ready to slice
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let it snow let it snow let it snow......a bad day of smokin is better than a good day at work..........them babies look goood....mmmmm....S
Bacon looks great!

How's it going now?  We're getting it pretty good in Des Moines and I see on the radar that we're getting nothing compared to you guys
If the folks in IL, MN, MI, etc. make it through this extended period of 20" of global warming week after week, there won't be a UHaul available for a year......they will all be headed South!  You folks are a hardy bunch.  We should listen to Algore before this global warming freezes us all.  Good luck and good smokin' and stay warm for a few more months.
well Im seven hours in its 20* 30 mile an hour winds and its snowing like a bitch

the old GOSM is chugging along at 235* and the Butts are at165* and the Bud Light is Ice cold

all is good in north central Illinois! so we are getting a light dusting of 20" so what!!  LOL

spring is just around the corner

here a shot of them @ 7 hours


a little snow


stay tuned !
well its still snowing and blowing like crazy but the pulled pork is done!

total cook time  13hours

notice the bones I pulled right out on the right hand side in the second pic

Man that's one good looking sammie. Great job! Can't believe you guys smoking out there in the snow & wind. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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