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    So far I have read thousands of pages and threads on this forum and I have asked a handful of questions but I have not posted any pics.... So, here we go. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make some pork burnt ends but only had so much time. Last time I tried to make them i used country ribs but the chunks seemed kind of small after smoking and cutting so this time I decided to chop up a whole pork butt.

    Then I added some of Jeff's rub.

    And to the WSM 22 they went... along with all of the extra trimmings to be used as pulled pork later.
    A couple hours later they were on their way to the cutting board for chopping and injecting.. the kids thought this was fun since we didn't use a bag and just let it squirt everywhere.

    Back to the WSM they went for a bit. Then to the table for dinner.

    YUMMY! Thanks for the help fellow furum folks and enjoy the pics.
  2. [​IMG]

    Looks GREAT!

    Happy smoken.


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