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[quote name="rp RibKing" url="/forum/thread/104016/wsm-people#post_601199"]Ty, on my 22" WSM without water, cause of the cold weather, I get about 8 hours. The ring is over full and I add a full load lit from a weber charcoal chimney, also I have 6 or 8 chunks of hickory mixed in.

Hope this helps.[/quote]

Thanks rp why I asked is because I got my 18.5 wsm in the middle of winter and have not done a real long smoke so didn't no what to expect when using lump.

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I don't know about the 18's, but in my 22 I get about 10 hours out of a full ring. I start it with 8 lit briquettes on top of the unlit lump.
Ok Thanks for the info guys
Wow, your times shock me, I have an 18.5 and have gone 16 hours with the water pan full and still have lump left, of course my ambient is higher than yours, but really, nearly twice as long? 

Here is what I do different than you, I don't use a chimney starter, instead I have cut both ends out of a #10 can and use a can opener and punch holes all around one end, I use a starter block and set it in the center of a full ring of charcoal, light it and place the #10 can over it and add 5-6 golf ball sized pieces of lump, when the lump is burning well both in the can and under it, about 15 minutes later, I remove the can and assemble the smoker.  I start with all bottom vents open and after I assemble the smoker I turn the door upside down and hold it open about an inch and a half with a slotted piece of metal, this give me lots of air to 'turbo' my temps to 210°, then I close the door and set my bottom vents.

My lump is produced locally and it has pieces as large as grapefruit to golf ball size, I arrange the lump to get as much in as possible and as little space as possible between the larger pieces, I take the peas sized and smaller and pour them in the spaces between the larger pieces, this makes my charcoal ring quite full.

So..., maybe my longer burn times are due to, (1) not much lit charcoal to begin with, (2) large pieces of lump, (3) packing (arranging) the lump in my charcoal ring.

I hope this helps someone.


That's a mighty long burn but I'm not surprised.  I said I get 10 easy.  Often I can do a butt in 13 hours without a reload.  Sounds like you get really particular with loading up the lump.  I usually just dump in 10 lbs and dig a hole out of the center to dump my lit chimney.

Just goes to show ya that with a little extra effort one will be rewarded.
Like with all things Que, I get as long as it takes to burn out!  Usually this is at least 12 hours, though I've gone 16 on one load and it was still going strong when the brisket came off (though there wasn't much wasn't going much longer than 16.5).I have the old 18" model, and the time really does fluctuate based on outside temps, wind, etc.  However, I've never had a problem getting through 10 hours when I needed to.

Just so people know how I do it, I like to fill the ring, and then I put a whole chimney of lit on top of it....oh, and I use briquettes (ducks and hides from the tomatoes being thrown at me).
I just got my WSM 22 not that long ago and am still learning it. I need to do a few more smokes to get that nice shiny inside all covered with that smokey goodness to help bring down the temps and allow for better temp control.  Patience is not forte.  Smoking is my new mediation.  Been using the clay pot in my water pan but may go back to water.  Haven't done a long smoke yet. 
A lot of it depends on how tight you can pack your ring. I just did a brisket on my 22.5", put it on at midnight: low temps were upper 40's with a slight wind and some rain, pulled it off at 3:00 PM the next day without reloading. But I hand packed that ring really tight and had it running at 200° the whole time.
Im gonna find out tonight! doing my first long smoke overnight and have tightly packed my 18.5 ring with RO lump.

The way I did it...


I get a couple bags opened and separated in to larger and smaller pieces.

Layer #1 fits together like a puzzle w/smaller pcs for fill....


Layer #2 w/ Pecan and apple chunks...


Layer #3 gets pieced together until it is as full as possible,just below the waterpan, then Ill actually remove some to get started in the chimney.


Just wanted to show the set-up i used and I'll let you know what my times and temps were like.(Ill be posting the smoke tonight in the pork forum as well)

Happy smoking,

You should get a nice long burn out of that Matt. The tighter you pack it the longer the burn you get..... unless there is some external factor like high winds or something.
I use the basic Minion Method technique, and it lasts me at least 11 hours. In fact, I haven't experienced a smoke with it that lasted less than 11. Pretty standard to get a 14 hr smoke from it.

I use this same method since I started, and it works like a charm every time.

I just try to make it look as much like the picture as I can, to start with. I use less lit coal in my chimney to start with, but that's the only change I needed to make.

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