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    Okay for all you who belly-ache about not having a WSM, this is your chance.

    The 18" WSM is on sale for $299, including shipping on Amazon. 

    Looks like the seller has 14 in stock. No excuses, if you truly want it, then get it.

    Remember, during Memorial day, Home Depot will have Charcoal on sale for $5.99 for 2 bags. 

    I don't want to read any more postings of "I wish I can find a WSM"

    Go and get it!

  2. I don't want to rain our your parade but when I bought my WSM last year the 18" was listed for $299.00 on Amazon. I spent an extra $100 to go with the 22.5" and haven't regretted it. I buy most of my stuff via Amazon since I have Amazon Prime and get free 2 day shipping on most of my orders.

    I love the WSM and agree with the opinion it is probably the best smoker for a newbie After 5 or so smokes it got very consistent holding temperature.I can also put a lot of meat in this baby.
  3. Have you ever felt that the 22.5 incher is too big or that it burns too much fuel compared to the 18.5 incher?  Just wondering as I am still on the fence about which to get.
  4. I'd like to have one of each to be honest. I think I would regret not having enough room to cook for a group more than I ever have about burning a bit more charcoal. Today I just did a single 13.8# turkey and didn't have an ounce of regret I didn't fill the smoker.

    I was exactly where you are at and went bigger and have not second guessed myself since.
  5. One other thing. It looked a lot bigger when I first got it. I know that sounds like a joke but it really isn't.
  6. Thing that keeps sticking in the back of my head is that the 18.5 isn't wide enough to lay whole rib packs whereas I've seen the 22.5 handle 2 to 3 easily.  I like the portability of the 18.5 better than the 22.5 though.  Seems like it would pack up easier in the back of the pickup when camping out.  Should just by one of each then I can have the best of both worlds.  Thanks for your feedback!
  7. I wasn't thinking about portability so you might need two. :D

    Without using a rib rack I get two large racks on each grate. When cooking for a bunch of people I have to use the rack (sometimes two). But even with a rack I think length would be a big issue with the 18".
  8. I agree.  I've seen posts from WSM 18.5 owners that say they have to cut their whole ribs up to get them on the grate.
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    I can confirm a full rack of ribs *WILL NOT* fit on the 18.5" WSM rack.  Mine is a 2005 model (before they made the 22.5").  Otherwise, the 18.5" is plenty for our family of 4.  I just bought a rib rack that holds 6 ribs and when I buy a 3 pack from Sam's Club, it works out just prefect with the 3 cut in half.   No issues with the ends of the ribs being in the hotter part of the WSM near the edge either.

    So for that little "irk", I can't justify getting rid of my 18.5" to upgrade to the 22.5".  And on the plus side the 18.5" is kinder on fuel usage as you are heating less air volume, and it will run longer on a full load than the 22.5" will (which makes a difference in an overnight cook).

    Both are excellent smokers though.
  10. kryinggame

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    I'm sorry but I've laid 2 racks of st. louie ribs on the top layer of my 18.5 inch.  Keep in mind it's gonna shrink.  It's easy to glorify the 22 inch on the internet but before someone goes out and purchases one, try to see what it actually looks like.  I've seen the 22 and in my opinion (for my cooks) it's overkill.  I generally will smoke food for up to 4 people and the 18.5 suits me fine. Over the weekend when I started this tread, I had 2 boston butts on the top level of my 18.5.  On Thanksgiving, I smoked 3 turkey breasts on my 18.5 (2 on top and 1 on the bottom).  There's a reason why Weber sells more 18.5's over the 22 because it's more practical.    Think also of the extra charcoal that you'll need for the 22 and then take into count the cost of a bag of charcoal.

    I can't answer for anyone other than myself but the 18.5 is perfect for me.
  11. dward51

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    I also forgot if you curve the full rack slightly they will fit in a 18.5".  You can also roll them up and peg them with a skewer and fit several "whole" racks that way, but they are set into the round shape when cooked.  I just cut mine as it's fairly simple and straight forward.

    Not my photos, but they illustrate both my points.

  12. That's pretty cool.  I'd would have never thought to curl em and pin em.  Thanks for the pics!
  13. You can always move up to the 22.5 and use your 18.5 for fish. ;)
  14. dward51

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    For my family the 18.5" is plenty.  I can't justify the expense just to lay my rips flat & uncut.  Plus it's easier on the fuel burn which ultimately makes it cheaper to run unless you need the extra size for a huge load of food (and I have pulled off doing 6 pork shoulders at once in the 18.5" so it can handle a lot).
  15. Yeah, the more posts I read and the more I think about it I'm leaning heavily towards the 18.5.  Couple of days ago I saw a San Francisco Craigslist add for a used one for $175.  If one was available at that price closer to home I'd jump on it.  As it is I'll have to continue my wait for now.
  16. I have both and wished that I woulda spent the extra on the 22.5 the second time time. The reasoning behind this falls on a lot of different issues. 1- the water bowl on the 18 in my opinion doesn't allow ado quit space between charcoal and water bowl. Argue all u want but I can put a 20# bag in my 22.5 and fill to top of ring and have 6" of room in between. 2- I smoke turkeys for the hollidays and the 18 barly fits a 20#, it leaves no room for smoke flow. 3- ever smoke a full packer in a roast pan? Cause that's barly possible on the 18. 4- the charcoal difference isn't enough to make a difference when I wanna fill my smoker with chicken quarters. They are bouth great smokers but having both and seeing first hand how much better having room is to do what I want and not have to check everything pan/brisket I buy gives me piece of mind. You can't go wrong performance wise with ether u can only regret not having the space. If I new how to post pictures from iPhone I'd show u a pic of em both going side by side. The 22 is a much larger machine highth wise. I also only use my 18 when I absolutely have to. Just my opinion.
  17. Thanks.  Good information.  I have seen both side to side at a local Emigh Hardware store and you are right about the size difference.  The 22.5 looks huge next to the 18.5.  Again, thanks for the helpful info!
  18. I thought the 22.5 was huge when I first saw it as well. I don't think you can go wrong with either and if you budget is tight then get the 18.5 rather than go with a cheaper brand. We plan to follow my girlfriend's friend's tradition of "adopting" some Marines from Camp Pendleton this year for Thanksgiving. Not only am I going to need two turkeys for us and our guests I have already volunteered to smoke a turkey for her friend (who just can't manage two turkeys at once in her kitchen). Hell, maybe I will do all four?
  19. I have a 22". I saw an 18" in Lowes and to me it looked dinky. Charcoal is cheap. I don't sweat burning .50 extra on a full packer. ...but then again it's not uncommon for me to have 12 - 15 family members for a weekend BBQ.
  20. Kryinggame, My belly-aching days are now history!  Purchased an 18.5" WSM at my local ACE hardware today.  Purchase price was $299 and didn't have to pay any sales tax because of a Labor Day weekend sales special.  That saved me $25.42.  Guess I can go over to Home Depot and spend the savings on the $9.88 20 pound twin pack Kingsford blue charcoal.

    Den60, dward51, coronaca92879, BamaBBQ thanks for all your posts!  I still may end up with a 22.5" WSM at some point in time.

    Can't wait to assemble and try her out.  Thinking of a couple batches of chicken thighs for the maiden voyage.

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