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  1. My local Hardware Store has WSM's for $199. Thats about $100 cheaper than anyone else that I checked. I bought 1 thinking it was the last and a couple of days later there was another one on display. Anyone near Nightengale's Hardware in Marcellus, NY , check it out.
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    not bad, the 2009 model has a few improvements(stronger legs, bigger water pan, built in therm). but $199 for a new WSM is pretty good.

    I can get the 2009 18.5" for $250, and the 2009 22" for $325 locally.
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    that's a good price to get from a hardware store. I just ordered mine from with the 20% bing cashback making it a grand total of $207 with free shipping. It's the new model and it was by far the best deal that I could find.
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    What's the bing cashback?
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    if you go to and click on cashback account you can give them your email and create a password. Then at their sponsored websites you get cashback for purchases (% different for each store, 20% for You initially have to pay the entire $259 pricetag for the WSM but after a month if you don't return it, they send you a check or deposit money in your account.

    If you decide to go this route make sure you click on the link from bing while you are signed into your cashback account.
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