WSM in competitions

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mr clean

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Jan 20, 2014
Southern Indiana
I see where some do great using cheaper smokers at big comps running against big expensive smokers costing 10s of thousands of bucks. My guess would be its much easier to control temps and have it consistent on a small smoker. What are you guys thoughts on this if you have any? I've never been to a big event but Im sure there are some that get steamed thinking their big dollar smoker got beat by a cheaper one. Do you see this. I know the person behind the apron is most of it but still. This might be a stupid question so be kind lol.
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my smoker isn't huge comparatively (Lang 48" patio stick burner), but I have absolutely zero problems maintaining whatever temperature I desire and doubt the large ones do either.
I would love to have a nice big smoker don't get me wrong. Most likely never will unless things would change as far as the the number of people I would be cooking for. Most guys including me love the look of a nice big stick burner with the stacks and multi racks. This guy named harry soo I think it is amazing as to what he can do on a cheap one as far as comps go. Im not for a minute thinking I could lol.
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It's all what you're familiar and comfortable with. I've never competed but have seen guys on TV hit it out of the park with ECB's, and others have an absolute disaster with a $12k Jambo.
This is my 2nd year competing and i'm rockin two 18.5 WSMs and one 18.5 One Touch Silver with a broken wheel. I'd love to have enough space so i don't have to cut rib racks in half but thats way down the line for me.
I plan to compete in a couple of backyard comps this summer, and will hopefully move up with the big boys when I get more experience.

I'm smoking with a custom built reverse flow offset. Should do okay in a competition, but it isn't a Lang by any means. My second unit is a CharBroil American Gourmet. So needless to say, I'll be stepping up to the plate with an avg smoker and also a below avg WalMart smoker.

It is reassuring to see guys do well at competitions with lesser units than the high dollar pits. From what I have read about competitions so far, it seems like it comes down to how well you know your unit, how confident you are in your cooking methods and style, and how well you have practiced for a comp. And just have fun. I am thrilled to potentially cook at a few comps this summer, just to be doing something I love with other people all around me that I can learn from.
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