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  1. I've just joined today. Am happy to be here ! I have a question....What is best method to get  ET-732 sensors inside the unit ? Any help will be appreciated. I've seen people talk about drilling, Can this be done without hurting the unit ? Also what do I put in the holes? How big should holes be ? Is there a simpler way ?

  2. simplest way, drop the smoker probe through the top vent (make sure its not touching your food though) and the meat probe just poke into the thickest part of your meat and put the lid on over the wire. Never had any issues doing it like this the last 3 years.

    You can also use the clip that comes with the thermometer to put the smoker prob at the grate level and just run both wires under the lid either way is about the same but I find grate space to be at a bit of a premium most of the time on the 18.5.. 
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    Thanks Much !

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    There's an adapter eyelet that you can buy for under $20 from the BBQ Guru web site. It is supposed to replace one of the bolts that is already on the smoker. So, no additional drilling is required.
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    It's listed under, "Other BBQ Products". It's called, "Probe Eyelet Assembly"
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    Look at the link below my signature - it's a $5 eyelet mod that I came up with several years back. Lots of folks here have used with with great success.
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  8. I just cut a slot in the top edge of the center section with a dremel tool so the lid doesn't ride on the cables. Now the top grate comes off probes and all, much easier than threading probes thru holes.

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