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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 27, 2019
I did a search for this information in this sub forum and was unable to find my answer.

Collagen wraps. How different are they, excluding price? I ask because I can get 20, 20"x27"~ collagen wraps for 36~ bucks from one purveyor vs TSM's sheets which are 3 of an undisclosed size on the website, for $25.50.

I have seen the TSM wraps used and they appear quite large and able to be used for multiple projects if you are vigilant about your usage. I've also noticed that the TSM wraps are plant based, while some of the others I've seen are made from beef collagen.

Any difference in performance? I'll pay more for a better product but if the difference is negligible, I'd prefer to get more for the money.
As long as it is a collagen sheet, it should work just fine for charcuterie. My experience with collagen sheets is that they do work quite well, but are a little bit of a pain to remove off the finished product. Wetting them and letting it sit for a bit does help, but it is messy. Not as good as real natural casings, as the collagen will slow drying down a little more, and mold coverage takes longer to get going. Over though, they do work.
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