Would you buy this WSM 18.5" for $150.00 Need opinions

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mavven, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. mavven

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    So here is the deal. I currently own a cookshack 009 electric smoker. Purchased it last year used and have loved it so far. I now have the itch for a charcoal smoker. I came across this WSM, my only concern is what appears to be rust on the grates and some rust on the top exhaust vent. Not sure if this is going to be something that can be resolved. Thoughts? do you think its ok for the price?

  2. dlr1

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    Get it, that little bit of rust on the vent can be sanded and oiled and the grates can be replaced pretty cheap other than that it looks good. The outside of it was either cleaned really good or this thing was hardly used.
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  3. jp61

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    Regular price for a new one is $300. Upper and lower grates will cost somewhere around $40. Me personally I'm not liking the scratches to the left of the thermometer. But, if that don't bother you and the charcoal grate and ring look OK, I'd offer $100 and take it for $125. Though $150 is not a bad price IMO.
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  4. jckdanls 07

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    If I were looking for a charcoal smoker.. I would certainly grab that.. the rust on the grates will clean up with a HOT burn off and a wire brush... reseason them and your good to go ... as for the other rust.. think i would just wire brush (if it doesn't scratch the good paint) and oil it... as has been said.. point all that out to seller and offer $100.. take it for $125
  5. mavven

    mavven Fire Starter

    Yeah I noticed the scratches next to the thermometer also. Not sure I'm liking that.
  6. mavven

    mavven Fire Starter

    Hey please excuse me, but what do you mean by "oil it"? 
  7. noboundaries

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    Man, I'd jump on that like a linebacker on a fumble.  That smoker will last you a lifetime.  Buy it.  Like JP61 said, offer $100 and settle on $125, but at $150 it is still a steal.  Here are the directions I found online for cleaning rust off grills.

    Vinegar and salt are both edible substances, but will also remove rust. Mix two cups vinegar and one-cup salt in a bowl. Place your rusty grates in a large heavy-duty garbage sack. Pour the vinegar and salt into the bag and tie it shut. Lay the bag flat on the ground and let the grill soak over night. After soaking, wipe the rust off with an old rag. The salt should act as a mild abrasive to scrape off the rust.

    Then just coat the grill with a vegetable oil to protect it. 

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