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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by smokeon, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Hello everyone.  Haven't posted here in a while because I've been too busy turning wood into ash and meat into money.  :)  It was a good year catering last year and I'm looking to expand.  I was sitting at an event, in my two paid for 10x10 foot spaces (double the registration fee) and realized I need a bigger, smaller smoker.  What I mean by that is I need something that's light with a smaller footprint than my Lang 60, but with more capacity.  So, what I'm thinking about is something like this:


    But bigger.  8 feet wide, 3 feet deep and 4 feet tall in the meat chamber.  Meat chamber not tapered so all racks are the same dimensions.  Thinking I can get at least 4 racks in it.  What strikes me about the above design is the firebox is in the middle of the smoker and the heat is supposed to go 2 directions -- left and right to enter the meat chamber.  Does anyone think this idea would work?  I'm thinking I would have a water pan as the top of the firebox (similar to how Lang does it, I don't put water in it but it is available if I end up needing it), then higher than that but below the first rack would be corrugated tuning plates to get the heat to evenly distribute under the meat as well as to direct the grease to the left and right sides of the unit for drainage.

    I have thought about making it more of a standard reverse flow with the fire box on one side, but I like the idea of a centered box to keep the most intense heat away from the tires.

    Any suggestions on why this would work or why it wouldn't work?
  2. Have you considered the insulated cabinet style gravity feed units like stumps?
    For the foot print you could fit 2 of their cookers. I also know that the design is simple enough that if you were so inclined you could build your own.
    I am currently working on a project that is a pair of stumps clones mounted to a trailer,
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    Thank you for the suggestion.  I will look into it.  The reason I'm interested in the larger single cabinet is part of my business is doing pig roasts.  I need the space for a 100Lb + pig to be able to fit in there. 
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