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  1. Hi! All just want to find out about some wood that I can get in great quantities down here.

    I have read on many occasions that any fruit or nut tree is ok for smoking, does this include Mango and Guava? 

    Has anyone ever tried either of these woods?.

    At present I'm using a wood called Rosewood and it is working or for smoke but not flavour, for flavour I add some American import chips.

    Cheers From Down Under
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    I would say that mango should be alright. They both are sweet fruit so I would think the wood would give off sweet smoke flavor.
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    I use guava all the time! It's VERY mild: chicken, fish and pork are okay with this; beef? You might as well throw it in the oven...

    I've read it's similar to Apple wood. Yesterday I cut down two yellow cherry guavas and an apple guava...



    As far as mango, I do have some that I'm seasoning but haven't used yet...

    Rosewood? Brazilian rosewood? Jacaranda? I have that on my property also but the flowers they put out every June will save them from any attempt to end up in my smoker...

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