Propane Smoker - Managing Good Smoke?

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Apr 26, 2024
Hello All,

I joined a little while ago and smoked some pretty good ribs on my Masterbuilt Propane smoker. However, on my post about the ribs, the type of smoke was brought up (thick & white vs thin & blue). So on my next smoke (Pork Loin), I took some of the advice from that post and put my cast iron (houses the chips) on top of the original chip pan to get some distance between the flame and the wood. I also used less wood at a time (though I used apple chips this time instead of manzanita chunks). It seemed to work well for the most part. The smoke was a lot thinner and cleaner looking, but not all the time. It seemed like after 30-45 minutes, the chips would start to burn and produce that thick white smoke we don't want. At that point, I replaced the chips and the pork loin turned out great in the end. I'm guessing the thick white smoke had no effect because it was such a short cook.

I think this is pretty good progress, but what I'd like to do next is pulled pork from a pork butt and as I'm sure you all know, that is going to be a very long process that could introduce a lot of the white smoke throughout the entire cook. I'm wondering if I should just monitor the smoke and swap the chips as soon as the smoke turns white, preemptively swap the chips, move the cast iron to the first smoking rack to get it off the flame entirely after 25 minutes, or if maybe there's something I'm doing wrong which causes the smoke to change that can be corrected.

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From reading it looks like your using chips. Go straight chunks and run the skillet on the chip pan from the factory. Or you can put a chunk or two in and a hand full of chips. Should give you many hours of good smoke. This is the way I ran my vert propane cooker.

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