Wood identification help please

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Jan 4, 2014
Cincinnati, OH
Need some help identifying firewood. I have a rack of wood I bought earlier in the season for the fireplace and want to pull out sticks I can use in the smoker. Over half of the pile is Elm. I've taken pictures of groups of other species below and would love some input!

Photo 1: cherry or red oak? Smelled fruity...

Photo 2: white oak? 99% sure it's white oak based on the bark.

Photo 3: red oak?
Looks like it's oak, although there are a couple of sticks in the upper left of pic #3 that I don't recognize as oak because of the color and one to the right in the same pic that has the brown heartwood may be maple.
Thanks Cliff.  I figured most of it was oak.  And I thought some of it was cherry, but then I picked up a load of cherry yesterday and confirmed that the wood in the pictures above isn't cherry.

If some of the sticks are maple, I'm sure they'll be good and add maybe a surprising spin on some meat.  Surprise wood! 
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