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wood chunks on element


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I use to use one of the outdoor gourmet barrel type electric smokers. This had lava rocks in the bottom and id put wood chunks in there that would smoke/ burn by touching the coil. Could something similar be done in an MES?

P.s i have a pellet tube for mine. but using the chunks on the coil in my old smoker actually produces a smoke ring and some dang good Q.


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I wouldn't recommend it, since you might end up with an actual fire vs smoldering pellets and the MES isn't meant to start on fire ;)

Bear might have more knowledge on this but I'd err on the side of caution with this. <Neat idea though..>


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I cut wood chunks to fit in the tray , not directly on the element of a MES 30 . I put it in while I pre heat / burn off the smoker . I only use 1 chunk at a time . I use the tube for most of the smoke , but the wood adds something for sure .


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I used to do the same thing, or cut “sticks” by ripping little logs into 1/2” thick boards, then ripping them the other way to make 1/2” square sticks which I cut to a little less than the length of the loader. I would pre-load the pan, and preheat the smoker, then feed it with a handful of sticks every hour or so.

I could make a bunch of smoke that way, but it was pretty thick and a little bitter depending on the type of wood. I think the practice hastened the failure mode of burning up the inner wall of the smoker around the chip loader hole though...


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Braz. i saw that post and it seems very clever. i wouldn't mind trying something like that.

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