Wimped out due to weather.

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Original poster
Dec 27, 2010
I started curing my first Boston butt for BBB on 1/24/01, today would be day 8.  I butterflied the butt so it's only about 2 in. thick. I was going to smoke today but wimped out due to the weather.  It's 2 deg. N. wind gusting to 40 and a chill factor of 20 deg. below. Tomorrow is not supposed to be much better, so it will have to wait until Thur. or Fri.  My MES is on the North side of my house and the snow is swirling around it.  After reading some other post I don't think an extra two days of cure will hurt it. I'll let you know how it turns out in a few days.
Sounds like a typical day of smoking for me here in the frozen tundra of ND. haha The cold doesn't bother me so much but when that wind is blowing like crazy like you have it really sucks to try and smoke unless you have a good wind break. Even then it stinks going in and out of the house with all the wind/cold/snow. It just makes it miserable.
This is the reason why i decided to empty my garage and make it my smoke shack!!! no more dealing with the wind!!
That is precisely why I live in CA where the sun is. Lived in Colorado and traveled thirteen mid western states for 3 years in the 70's and could not wait to move back to the sun 
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