Wild Hog Lonzino Piacentina Finished...Pics. added

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Apr 27, 2017
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I also pulled out the loins from the big sow to thaw when I started the coppa.
One will be used to make Lonzino Piacentia P.D.O...The spice profile is bay leaf, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, garlic, and Black pepper. This salumi has been made for a very long time in the region going back to Roman times.

Night before, I sliced 3 cloves of garlic and added that to a container with a lid along with 5 whole cloves (the spice) to steep in red wine.

Next day, I wiped the loin dry, weighed it, trussed it, then calculated the spice cure mix.

I wet the entire surface with the wine infusion then evenly applied the spiced cure mix. Into a vacseal bag and in the fridge.

see y'all in 14 days.
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Lonzino Piacentina

2.5% Sea salt
0.3% Cure #2
0.045% Coarse ground black pepper
0.01% Bay leaf
0.0075% ground cinnamon
0.01% nutmeg
3 cloves of garlic and 5 whole cloves (spice) steeped in 60mL Red wine overnight

1 gram Dextrose (Total)
0.025% B-LC-78 whole muscle starter culture (bioprotective)
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Next in line after casing and trussing the Coppa was the Lonzino Piacentina. Same process, but with a loin there is a fat end near the ham and a small end near the Coppa. When you put it in the beef bung, put the small end in first. This is important to have a uniform diameter for even drying. I missed this detail watching the Italian Norcini on youtube. You are going to start your wraps at the top on the fat end, and as you wrap, it will squeeze the loin expanding the casing at the bottom. this enlarges the small end so it comes out even once wrapped. I did not do this on the Piacentina Loin. I had problems getting a uniform shape.

Ready for drying cycle in the new drying chamber:
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Opened up this salume tonight. It has been resting in the fridge long enough.


All I can say is WOW! Depth of flavor just keeps on going as you chew. Absolutely amazing. And the tenderness...being that this is wild hog....hell it's like tenderloin! Totally blew away my expectations!
that looks fabulous, enjoy it!!! thanks for the pictures!

Truly impressive and delicious looking. Thanks for sharing the process

That looks great, nice work.

It is tastes as good as it looks?
Very impressive inda!


That's as pretty as a flower....nice colour

Now when you unwrapped , do you shave or clean the outside before using?.
And how long will it last in a fridge ,
( i know you would eat it all day until gone ) lol

Thanks Fellas!

david david - When I pull the casing off, I scrub with wine and a brush, let them dry for a bit at room temp., then cut into sections about 2.5" long, and vacseal. Put those in the fridge and it will last indefinitely...as long as it has been cured properly and the Aw is low enough.....
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That is great, was wondering if you could keep for a while where it takes so long on some to come to age and all the work you put into it.

what does the wine do ,
Thanks Keith,

Wine is acidic.....down in the pH3.5 range. So it acts as a cleaner on the salami...mainly if there was any casing separation where molds and bacteria could grow. But I rarely have that issue when using natural casings.
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