Wild Hog Coppa di Parma Started...

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Apr 27, 2017
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Been wanting to make a Coppa di Parma. The P.D.O. regulations are fairly easy to find. This Coppa is very simply seasoned with white wine, garlic, and Black pepper. It is dried and matured much like Culatello in the same environment in the cellars.

Pulled out the Coppa I saved from the big 200#+ wild hog I butchered at the end of Nov., 2021. Night before, I thinnly sliced 3 cloves of garlic and added that to 60mL of Sauvignon Blanc wine to steep overnight. Next day, rinsed the coppa, trussed with butchers twine, wiped dry, weighed.

Measured out the spice mix...

Then I wet the surface of the Coppa with the wine and garlic infusion and added the curing mix. Vacsealed and in the fridge for 14 days...see you guys then.
I only saved one coppa whole off the wild sow. Though the hog was shot in the head, the bullet exit went through the front end near the head on one of the coppas. I had to cut too much out to have enough for a dry cure so that one went into the sausage pile.
Wild Hog Coppa di Parma

2.5% Sea Salt
0.3% Cure #2
0.1% Coarse Cracked Black Pepper
3 Cloves Fresh Garlic steeped in 60mL Dry White wine overnight

1 gram Dextrose (total)
0.025% B-LC-78 whole muscle surface starter (bioprotective)
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Yes, this is just the initial salting stage. I am doing an equilibrium dry cure on the meat. No wet brining when doing salumi. After the salting, I will case in beef bung, truss it tight, put it through a 7 day drying stage, then on to the chamber to lose 38-40% weight. These loins are 3-3.25" in diameter so 3 months is about right. I want them to dry slllllllooooowwwwwlllyyy. It makes for more extensive hyrolysis of the proteins which leads to better flavor. Like good wine-you just can't rush it.
Now that my new Drying Chamber is set up:

And I have put it through some testing on the hysteresis of the parameters so I know where to set the high and lows without the components fighting each other; today is the day I case the Coppa.

I used beef bung, but had to sew it a little to get it to the correct size being that this coppa is only 3-3.25" diameter. I trussed it TIGHT, then pricked with the needle pricker.

Weighed and in my fermentation trash can while I finish the Lonzinos. Then transfer to the drying chamber for 1 week drying cycle.
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I don't know much about processing wild boar, but I hope it works out for you.
I has a great smell, just a little fat out from the diet of the pig. The loins did not have all the fat that the coppa had and they came out much better. Time will tell.....will post up when I slice it for the board.
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