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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 17, 2011
Largo, FL and Dunlap, TN
OK, not to be a party-pooper, but how is THIS sausage group different from the Sausage forum in the main section?

It seems  redundant and divisive.

I would think that splitting the attention of "sausage" between two distinct places makes for a less-productive board.  Especially since this is a "join" section where not everyone will be able to see updates unless they take a secondary action to join this area as well.

Are sausage-makers (or Bacon-makers) so exclusive and different than regular smoker-users that they need their own "group?"

The separate sausage forum in the main section is not enough?

Sorry for putting a negative spin on this.  I can see where the groups is a good idea for regional area groups, or even specific product owners, but when it comes to "sausage-makers" versus "bacon-makers" versus "brisket makers" I really think we're duplcating - and possible diluting - the value of the rest of the forums.

Thanks for letting me put in my two cents.

Sorry if I offended anyone.
Czar, morning.... I have been on other forums and they split particular interests into groups... as an example check out The Gardew Web forum.... http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/

Dividing a forum (as is grows larger) provides a place to search within a specific topic for information that is relevent to the searcher....

That may not seem to relevent to some but.... since I have joined this forum it has grown to a point that finding new ideas that are specific to a particular methodology is getting difficult....

Now when I want to look up brats, andouille or bologna I will have a condensed version to sort through... The threads and posts will still be on the main forum page and anyone can search thru them.... participation is just a "click" away.....

Hope that helps you understand the why... Progress my friend, progress.........

There are already separate forums for sausage, or for bacon, etc.  I'm afraid I don't understand the need for an additional sausage-makers (or bacon-makers) forum.

I'm not trying to start anything and certainly not looking to begin a massive debate.  I'm just trying to clarify in my own mind how two separate areas related to to the same subject (sausage, or bacon for instance) is going to benefit the members and make the forum more user-friendly and helpful.

Like I said, I can see how members living in the same region might want to get to know each other better, or owners of the same equipment, etc.  But I just can't seem to wrap my head around how having a "sausage makers" group here, and a "smoking sausage" forum in the main section is going to add anything but confusion.

Be that as it may, I was just asking.  I'm done, and ready to enjoy and learn however it works out.

Let me start this way then Czar. That forum was started last night so give it a chance to get going. Right now it is just been out there to be seen. Believe you me there will be some of the best sausage and bacon makers that this site has there soon enough so please be patience and let it grow as it will. I have been here for a few years and things don't happen over night.
I thought one was for discussions and one was for post of cooks or Q-view.That way it's easier to find info not just the same ol pictures followed  by the 
Group is like group therapy it's for discussions and ideals to be kicked around.
To me there really should be two different forums for sausage. One dedicated to the smoking of it and one for the home manufacturer. As a sausage maker I am more interested in the art and recipes of sausage making as opposed to the final preparation and serving of it. This forum allows for us to concentrate the sausage making knowledge in a single forum while still providing another forum for the final preparation and Qview.
so when i make a batch of brats, i post the making pics here and the cooking picks over there? i kinda see where Czarastic is coming from...........even if it took 2 post!
.......even if it took 2 post!
 didn' realize they were 2 different threads...one for bacon and one for sausage. see how easily confused i can be....................shaddup, i'm still on my first cup of bean juice!
I'm hoping this area will get into more of the different aspects of actually making the products. Methods, ingredients, how to do it and why
Czar, that was my first thought, too.

I usually check the new posts daily, so both will come up for me anyway.

My guess is that this will morph into one aspect or another over time, or it will just go away and let the main sausage forum carry on.

Until then, I am happy to be along for the ride.

Good luck and good smoking.
My only confusion, so far, was I thought this would be an area to go to that would be "contained" under the heading "Sausage Maker's" exclusively...I post what I thought would be a comment backing NEPAS' excitement and It showed up in the main Forum looking like I was starting the Group Up!...Not My Intention...

It would, however, be nice to have a section or group that discusses Sausage Production...with Qview... Period!  No recipes using sausage as an ingredient...

I give Management Kudos for the concept and think our comments will be viewed as Helpful Suggestions and not as Criticism nor should it be offered as such...JJ
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