Whole Hog BBQ For Block Party

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    Link to the imgur album:

    Cooked a hog on my new rig for a block party. Took some pointers from amazingribs whole hog section.

    Prep photo includes the hog rub (ginger, rosemary, paprika, garlic powerd and pepper), lexington dip sauce, porkbrine for the injection and Wicked BBQ sauce (from the Wicked Good book)

    We figured it was about 150lbs, got the coals fired up around 1am, threw porky on at 2am, flipped around 9am. The color turned out great, didn't open the lid but once before we had to flip her over. Once she was flipped, made use of the apple-juice injection system on the front lid to help keep it moist and tasty.

    Pulled it off around Noon, fed the masses shortly thereafter. By far the best pig I've cooked so far, Meathead's Memphis Dust Recipe and the pork brine injection gave it great flavor. I was skeptical on not putting sugar in the rub, but it definitely prevented there from being any overcarmelization on the meat.

    Smoked it over 75/25 royal oak and kingsford with Cherry and Apple wood chunks (wood for the first and second smoker box fills ~6 hours).
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    That's a great looking rig you have there!

    That pig looks mighty tasty!

    Nice job!

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    Beautiful color on the pig. Looks great.


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