Whole Brisket

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Sep 19, 2018
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In my area starting tomorrow, Kroger will have USDA Choice whole briskets for $2.99/lb. Best price I've seen in awhile.

Food Lion will have boneless chuck roast for $3.99/lb. and St. Louis ribs for $2.79/lb. One day sale, Saturday only, on the ribs. I could use some ribs.

These are the only ads for the upcoming week that I've seen so far...
Those are good prices man. Haven't seen them that low here in a long while.
No good sales in my area starting tomorrow except $2.99 73/27 ground beef in 3 pound rolls and $1.97/lb chicken breast at Tom Thumb/Alberstons/Safeway stores.

Today is the last day that Kroger has $1.89/lb full racks of spare ribs which is a good deal but again today is the last day.

It seems the sales are skimpy and my thought is because there is no football this weekend but they will be kicking into gear on sales for superbowl weekend.

We'll see :)
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Yeah, I'm going today to get at least 2 Briskets from Kroger. Best price I've seen in a long time.
Thanks for the info.
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Yes sir looks like I'll throw the cooler in the car !
Just got back from Kroger. Got 2! 13.5 + 15.4 lbs. Literally half price. Funny thing, I had one left in the Freezer from this past October, and it was on sale for $2.99. So it's been 3 + months since this pricing, normally $5.99. Now I have 3. That's probably gonna last the rest of this year, lol.
I’m going to have to check ours. If they have them I’m going to have to get my never used grinder out and grind one like my good buddy sawhorseray sawhorseray
Well first Kroger today on my journey is out of brisket until last this afternoon 😥
But did have an unadvertised BB sale for .99 😎

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