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Kevin DeShazo

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Nov 7, 2018
About to pull the trigger on an AMPS tray but not sure whether to get the 5x8 or 6x6. I have a MES40.

THE 5x8 isnt listed on A-Maze-N site but is available on Amazon. The 6x8 is on the A-Maze-N site is cheaper than the 5x8 on Amazon by about $4.

Plan on using it in place of the chip tray as the bottom of it is starting to burn out. I still have some chips, so probably use those up before breaking oyt the tray though. Cant see wasting good chips.
I'd go with the 5X8. I just started using the 5X8 this past weekend in my 3 year old MES40, Cabela's version to make 6# German stye bacon. The A-maze-N Link shows the package I purchased and I really enjoy it.

The second link is to the thread with my comments along with some very helpful comments from the Forum membership. As for the chips, I put the excess chips in an old piece of foil (ok, I'm cheap and recycle?! ), punch some holes in and use it with my Carson Rodizio grill. I agree, why waste something that still has use. 🍻

First Bacon with A-Maze-N 5X5 in MBE | Smoking Meat Forums - The Best Barbecue Discussion Forum On Earth!
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I got the 5x8 never used it though. Just like the blackstone this too is in the box lol. Says pellets on it though


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So it don't matter what size the tray is. What matters is how the walls that make the maze is built. If the walls are triangle then you can use dust or pellets. If they are straight up and down, it's dust only.
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Any time. If you need more pics holler
A little History...The Original Maze, straight dividers, was created to Cold Smoke in a MES, with dust.
When members started talking about using the Maze, Hot or Cold, the 5 X 8, with sloped dividers was the result. This used Pellets for Hot or Cold Smoking with the option to use Dust just to cold smoke, if desired. Next, customers were able to use the Mazes in Electric Smokers but the pellets would not burn in other types of smokers and only at low Altitudes. The Gassers, Pellet Smokers and Thin Air guys wanted in on the fun. The Tube is what Todd Johnson came up with for them. So plenty of options for any situation...JJ
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To my knowledge. The 5x8 is for pellets. Which I've been using for a few years now. The 6x6 is for dust if memory serves.
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