Which Round is it????

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Apr 27, 2017
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So all this time, I had Top and bottom round confused when breaking down the subprimal muscles on a deer. I thought inside round was the same a s BOTTOM round. Not so.....Inside round is the same as Top round. Well....I'm glad I finally realized my mistake and sorted that out....
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Side note-
Inside round, named because it is inside the leg (Top Round).
And Rump Roast, named because it is on the rump (Bottom Round.

Are a lot less confusing for me to remember....also, the eye of round is connected to the top round.
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I was writing a reply that you are now wrong. But decided to check since you probably also checked.
I was also wrong. I also though top came from outside.

IDS, #4 top round has the well defined grain . :)
LMAO, The chart I posted doesn't concur with the chart that Smoking Edge posted. I think we all have different names for the same cuts of meat in different areas of the country. We are all good to go as long as we mark our packages to whatever name we give that cut. :)
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