Temp probe "stilt" risers?

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Jan 18, 2020
I want to sample cook chamber temps several inches above the cook grate but I can't find the probe mounts that use to be sold on Amazon.
They have a rubber wedge that you stick into the grate's expanded metal (or round tubes) and a stainless or chrome stem stuck into the rubber, which points up.
Then another rubber bit, this one cylinder shaped and with holes cut through it, is impaled on the top end of the stem and the probes are poked through the holes which keeps them three or four inches above the cook grate.
Anybody seen these or know where I can get some more?
I hate to waste food and as I love smoked taters, I would violate my strict diet every time I wanted to test another mod on my smoker.
These days doing mods followed by temp tests is how I get my jolly's, since the wife won't eat BBQ, and it takes me a year to finish a large brisket, vac sealed in the deep freeze that is.
I thought it was not bad on price . I bought one myself . Anything that saves on aggravation .
Might be cheaper out there . That's just the first one I saw .
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Something like these?


LIke some of the reviews reported (and happened to me too) the rubber wedge breaks after a few cooks, when moved or when you remove/install the temp probes and stress the wedge.
The price is high but not prohibitive EXCEPT for the early failure issues...
I'll probably buy some too, dang it!
I know you said 3 to 4" above grate level, but why not look into something like this. Amazon 10.00 for a pack of six.



I have at least a dozen of those, I'm looking for something that fits in the expanded metal "diamond" shapes better and is insulated from the heat that builds up in the cook grate.
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This style will be perfect ( or looks like it will ) for controlling the electric kettle I'm working on . Hold the probe for the Auber .
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