Which 36 inch griddle to get?

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Pit Boss Deluxe 4 Burner:

I can get this mother for 399.00 at my local Bomgaars.


Standard Blackstone with hood:

The Pit Boss is advertised to crank out a lot more heat with 62000 btu vs Blackstone's. But, the BS has a hood rather than fold out shelves that act as a cover. A lot of people use their hoods as a "steamer" for melting cheese and whatnot when making burgers, Phillies, etc. I'm wondering if I could lower the heat and use the fold over trays on the PB to do the same thing? I know the BS is tried and true, but the PB is a heckuva beast that seems to have a bit more surface and the heat output is something I can't discount. Not really looking at the Pit Boss with the ceramic surface (I like cast iron style cooking), but I hear you can buy a separate ceramic top to use on the basic unit as well...which is another advantage of the Pit Boss.

What says yous guys and ladies?

off subject ( kinda) but was in the blue box store buying pool crap and they had a 28" BS with built in cart for $299.00
Oops, I made an error. It is NOT a Black Stone, (Which I would have preferred, I used two) it is a Member Mark, Yep, good 'ole' Walmart (Wife and kids do not know that, So do not tell anyone else)(lol)
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