Where should I place my AMNPS?

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  1. I have a Traeger (Li'l Tex), and I'm not sure where I should place my AMNPS. I have only tried it once, and it only burned a couple of inches before going out.I tried to follow the instructions closely--lit it with a propane torch, let it burn for 10 minutes, and blew it out. I placed it on the "pellet side) of my traeger. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome.. Swing by roll call so you can be properly introduced. 

    There are quite a few folks on here that can help you with that. 
  3. So did I post this in the wrong place? I think I've done the introduction thing when I joined. Thanks for your help!
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    You could have done the roll call thing and I missed it. Todd Johnson who sold you your AMPS is a member here.. He'd be happy to help you of you PM him or call him. If not there are a ton of folks who can help. Keith
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