where do u live and what do u cook on

Discussion in 'Kentucky Member Group' started by icyhot, Oct 18, 2014.

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  2. I'm in Madison County, at the head of Posey Ridge.

    Depending on mood and what & where I'm making, I use an 18th-century style outdoor kitchen, a Char Grill Pro, a Char Broil 5-burner gasser; an Olympian portable gas grill, and a no-name tabletop charcoal grill.
  3. Howdy.  I live in Spencer County and I cook on an MES 30" (2nd gen, with the controls on the front).  I also have an old Brinkmann charcoal smoker but I haven't used it in forever and when I do I just grill on it.
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    I'm in Louisville and have 2 Smoke Hollow 44's, 2 Smoke Hollow 34's,  a Weber Genesis Silver C, Weber Genesis Gold C, a Brinkmann 6 burner Pro Series 2700, a black Weber OTS, a green Weber Perfomer, a Weber Smokey Joe Silver and a Weber Jumbo Joe.  Oh yeah, just picked up a 1971 Redhead Weber MBH Kettle.
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    I am in Elizabethtown and have a Smoke Hollow PS4400 from Sam's Club.  Paid $279 which I thought was a great value but I see they are only $249 this year.  I should probably go buy a couple more at this price and give them away as Christmas gifts.  Great smoker with tons of room.
  6. demosthenes9

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    Dang.  They are still $279.99 up here.  I picked one up last year and fell in love with it.  So much so that I wanted another.  Went back later in the season and Sams was sold out.   It's a seasonal item of course, so I figured I'd just have to wait til this year.   Strangely, when the season started, no SH44's!!!   Figured I had missed my chance.

    Happened to be in Sam's in September and BAM, there it was, back in stock.  Immediately threw one onto a cart and brought her home.

    When not using the 2nd one for smoking purposes, it doubles as a very nice outdoor oven and warmer/holding box.   Last party I had, I cooked 45 ears of corn and 60 bakers in it.
  7. big mike ktp

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    Mt. Washington using a Masterbilt XL 40" right now doing some mods to see how I can make it better. Thinking of getting as Lang or a Meadow Creek TS70 or TS120 this year.

  8. Mt. Washington?  Cool man we're practically neighbors [​IMG]
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    All right!
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    Hello bluegrass buddys.  Shaggy here........... I live in Christian County in far western Kentucky.  I smoke on a 30" MES, grill on a Weber kettle and gas WeberQ and use a Big Easy oil less fryer.  Just ordered an igrill 2 remote thermometer to use on my next pork butt smoke sometime next week and it should be here today.  Anybody else use the igrill ?
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  11. Hi folks, I live in Wilmore.  I have a char-griller duo with sfb, and for Christmas I got the char-griller akorn.  Just did the seasoning burn on it today can't wait to start cooking on it.


    Restless Hog
  12. I live in Louisville. Jefferson county. I have 2 charbroil offset smokers and an ugly drum smoker.
  13. I live in MT Washington. I use a WSM 22. I am in process of building trailer to begin competing this spring.
  14. I live in Fern Creek. I have a couple of smokers. I have a Char Griller off set smoker. I have a trash can smoker that I made, and my wife just bought me a Smoke Hollow 44" Pro Series.
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  15. I live in Louisville, and do my smoking on a WSM 22. I also have a Weber Kettle 22.5, and recently acquired an older model Landmann gas smoker.
  16. icyhot

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    Update,I now have a lang,a Oklahoma joe,a masterbuilt electric smoker and just bought rec-tec pellet smoker. Got the fever bad I guess
  17. Madison County, Kingston area

    Several WSMs for comps. Cookshack for big cooks/catering/vending

    Small offset stick burner for comps

    Huge stick burner for whole pigs

    Commercial grinder for sausage

    Steam kettle for my own blend of sauce to bottle. Coming to a store near you!

    Favorite cooks are brisket and ribs.
  18. I'm just outside of Barbourville, got an MES 30, a propane grill I've converted to charcoal so I can three-zone smoke(works good for chicken thighs), and a big pile of cinder blocks and bricks I keep telling myself I'll build something out of.
  19. Hello everyone! I live in Shepherdsville. I started smoking on a smokey Mountain propane vertical smoker. I have just bought an Old Country Pecos Offset smoker. I am still getting used to it but so far I like it! Look forward to learning and hearing from fellow Ky folks! 
  20. icyhot

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    Welcome smoknpi.if I can be of any help let me know as I only live four miles from shepherdsville

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