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What's up with pic posting?!?!?

Discussion in 'Blowing Smoke Around the Smoker.' started by radio, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    Tried to post a pic and now I get a message that I must agree to the terms of service and that I have rights to the image being posted and that it does not violate the TOS.  What the.....?????????
  2. TulsaJeff

    TulsaJeff Smoke Whisperer Staff Member Administrator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    That is to protect site owners from copyright infringement lawsuits..

    All it means is that if you lifted a picture from the internet and it's not yours, you should ask permission before you use it. If the picture is yours, is royalty free or or you have permission to use it, no problem.

    Sites that do not ask this question or at least have a checkbox to be ticked, are asking for future problems.

    None of us like it.. but there's not much getting around it.
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  3. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks.  I kinda figured as much, but it kinda blindsided me.  Just this morning I posted a pic the old fashioned way, then a bit a bit later got the whammy.

    Do all pics show up as a link now rather than an image like they used to?  Tried and tried to get the actual pic to preview, but no joy[​IMG]
  4. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    Twords the bottom of the main page I found a test place.  So since I had some time today I tried to test different methods of loading pics and stuff.  The best method I found is just plain ole colpy and paste.  links either don't work or get flagged with a YOU CANT DO THAT here flag  The insert video icon works for youtube videos, but the image thingy is kinda particular.[​IMG]

    To post that pic I went to our blog right clicked hit copy then came here and clicked paste.  I ws thrilled to find this cause now I can post from work when I don't have my pictures handy.[​IMG]
  5. TulsaJeff

    TulsaJeff Smoke Whisperer Staff Member Administrator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I  just checked and it seems to be showing up in the post for me regardless of whether I upload or link the picture.

    Make sure you are using the "Insert Image" picture icon in the toolbar at the top of the reply box to add an image.. use "Upload" to upload an image from your computer. Use "..an image URL" to link to an image and have it show up in the post.

    Let me know if you have further problems with this.