What type of ribs does everybody do mostly?

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I like spare ribs myself. I really can't taste the differance, and there's a lot more meat on the spare ribs, and a lot cheaper. Now if some body would feel sorry for me and give me some B.B's. I'd cook them bad boys right up. I usualy work on the neighborhood Harley's around here and since I started smoking they pay me in meat. I never would charge them any thing any way, but I ain't going to turn away meat.
Spares! You can cut them down fancy and call them what you want if you want, but for me it ain't because I am cheap, it is because I am poor! there is a difference. Pull the silver skin (membrane) trim off a little fat, the skirt, the the little end and smoke the heck out of them! There is enough meat to be filling, enough fat to make them cook up moist and tasty and tender and enough bone to give you a handle to hold on to!

I ain't too proud to admit it, I will do the country style ribs about as often as Spareribs, It is just a smaller undertaking, kind of a smoker day "light" if you know what I mean?

BBs are rare around my smoker, but still some good eating! The only problem is that they run out too fast. Alot of folks like them because they can be less messy to eat, just suck that tender meat off of that little bone and don't make a mess at all. But the best part of spare ribs is getting sause on both ears as I knaw on the bone! Now that is eating!
Cause the "skirt" and "knuckles" are great tasters and "things to snack" on.
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