What type of ribs does everybody do mostly?

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About 3 to 1 baby backs. The family prefers them over spares, I'm about 50/50 myself. But you know if mama ain't happy...
I do spares, I get a good price at my butcher, they are local small farm raised hogs, and he does all the trimming.
Spares...........cheaper, meatier, but i do love BB's when their on sale
Spares - $1.49 lb. on sale, about any Wednesday
Baby backs - $2.99 lb regular, $2.69 on sale now & then

Mostly spares. Better price, more meat, better flavor because of more fat.
We do nothing but spares. My wife finds a deal on them and loads up. The BB's are almost always double the price.
About 3 to 4 to 1 bb's to spares (just because I have more of them. gotta buy 3 racks at a time at Costco). I do spares St Louis style/cut. About every 6 weeks, I'll throw on some beef ribs.
I'm w/ Mike for the same reasons except that BBs are usually $3.99 around here, we see spares for about $1.29 on sale fairly often. And I really don't know why anyone would cut the best part of the rib off (the brisket) and call them St Louis style.

Around here, we call a good spare a "steak on a stick".

Spares for BBQ, and BBs for grilling.

(It's All Good!)
Hey Watery Eyes,
I like country style too, but they're not actually ribs. They're actually pork butt cut into chunks, but there's no foul in that!

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