What temp to set smoker for keeping bbq chickens warm?

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  1. I have the Masterbilt 30 electric smoker and want to keep 11 chicken halves warm while I cook another 11. What would be the appropriate temp to set the smoker at to accomplish this?    Thanks- Paul
  2. Hi Paul

    I don't see how you are going to have 11 in keeping warm and 11 cooking in the same smoker.

    Wrap the 11 cooked chickens in foil. Place in large ice chest. Wrap with towels. stuff the rest of the ice chest with towels. you should then be good to go.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Paul their is one more thing. Remember to post pics. If you don't post pics. The smoking Gods might pay you a little visit.

    They might[​IMG]  or you might get [​IMG]. If it were me I wouldn't take the chance 

    [​IMG]Happy smoken.

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  4. I will be bbqing the other 11 (cornell style) on my grill- it only holds 11.    Paul
  5. There are no pictures to post. I merely want to know how to keep my cooked chickens warm in the Masterbilt- what temp? I just don't like the idea of towels and ice boxes. Would a 150 degree temp do it?  Thanks for your participation- Paul
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    I'd wrap them in towels and put them in a cooler. Dont forget to post pics.
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  8. What the hell am I going to take pictures of- my smoker? Maybe the chicken halves.  How about the temperature gauge. Would that satisfy your obsession with graphics? I just wondered what temp to set the smoker to keep cooked halves warm for serving.  Paul
  9. thanks
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    Safe holding temp for hot food is 140 or higher. Male sure the chicken reaches 165 before you start to hot hold them.

    As for the pictures. People here like to admire what others have made. It could be anything from food, smokers, mods or really anything you would like to share.....
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    Another method you might consider is to smoke the first 11 for half the time and then finish in the oven at the same temp. Then throw the other 11 in...this way you have less waiting time in between and less "warming time". Your first batch may not be as smokey but poultry absorbs smoke pretty easily. Just something to think about
    Let's keep it friendly here guys...
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  12. Thanks JarJar and Doug- just got a little frustrated last night when there was absolutely no need for pictures. I suppose I,m on the blackball list now- oh well, I can still read the messages.   Paul
  13. WHAT??  NO PICTURES??  I thought there would be pictures!!  [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]    Sorry Paul but it had to be said.  No hard feelings I hope.  I could tell you where getting frustrated but thank you for posting this.  Haven't laughed this much in quite a while.  Sounds as if the guys finally got ya sorted.  Good luck my friend.  Keep Smokin!

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    I don't see where any infractions have been enforced. I'm sorry that you had to go through that! This is not what this forum is supposed to be about!!! We are all supposed to be here helping each other!!!

    OK now, everybody else:

    Not every thread needs pictures to answer a question and this was a simple question and I don't see where pictures would have helped anything! Really none of you know what 11 chickens look like???? And do you need to see them to tell how to keep them warm????

    I think this was very disrespectful to the OP!!!!
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  15. Sorry Paul that some got obsessed with pics. If you aren't comfortable or just don't want to wrap them and put in a cooler, you can always, pop them into pans and cover tightly with foil and leave them in the smoker as JarJar stated. You might add a bit of chicken broth or other complementary liquid to the pans just to ensure they stay moist. Goodluck with the smoking and grilling!
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    Holy Derailed tthread Batman!!
    I'm glad your question was answered. Thanks JarJar. My questions is will the MES go as low as 140? That would almost be reason enough to buy one, even for stickburners. Would make a great warming oven for catering gigs or big parties. Hope the chicken cook worked out.
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    Yes they do. As Sound1 said I think it is 100, but not 100% sure. If you are going to get and use one as a holding oven. I would suggest the MES 40 do to its size and ability to take larger pans. The MES30 is a bit small IMO. No matter what size you get, i would make sure to check the thermometer for the chamber. the MES30 we have at work is off by 10 degrees. It runs low....
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    I would definitely use a therm or two inside the MES to keep track of the holding and internal temps of the chickens, both from it getting too hot or too cool, very wise idea.  Monitoring hot food cases in deli's are the same problem; keep it hot enough to stay above a certain temp but not too hot that will dry out the product.  This certainly was a very valid question and thank you so much for asking it, we all became more educated on it, and as a moderator, I apologize for the Qview comments and please disregard them, no Qview was necessary for this post.  Thank you again!
  20. Well, Thank You. I have always received good advice from the members of this forum and place some of my buying decisions on this advice. So far hasn't failed me. What I like is that the guys are a lot like myself- a tad obsessive.  It's details that make the difference.   Paul

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